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where dramas take me


where dramas take me

Hey there! :)

I'm a Singaporean girl currently living in London!

An avid drama watcher - first drama was My Lovely Sam Soon when it aired on television, and my addiction slowly continued and worsened :P

Found my love for K-Pop, and everything korean - especially its FOOD!


Going with a basic picture because it's really my favourite!! Teehee

Fell in the love with the second generation of K-Pop stars - DBSK, SNSD, Wonder Girls... etc. But I don't have the time nor interest to keep up with the new artistes - EXID, GOT7 etc. However, lovely memories of the DBSK heyday live within me <3

My username is myungsooo because I was obsessed with him for a VERY long time. I have countless folders on my computer with screenshots of him in dramas and MVs HAHA. Admittedly my crush has faded but I still really like him because he's so cute and loveableeeee!

Personal favourites would be japanese dramas because they are short (10 episodes) and hence low commitment is needed LOL. I'm a fluent speaker and I love the japanese culture too, so that adds to my love for japanese dramas :) My favourite genre for japanese dramas would be rom-coms and detective dramas!! I really love korean dramas too but sometimes 16 episodes can be too draggy! :( I developed a recent addiction to mainland chinese dramas since I don't need subtitles when I watch them and recently these chinese actors have been SO handsome. Oh I used to love taiwanese dramas too for the same reasons but the quality in recent times has yet to match up to that of recent korean and chinese dramas!

My favourite actor: MUKAI OSAMU! His features are so soft and pleasing to the eye, and his voice is smooth as idk I can't think of anything smoother than his voice.

atashinchi-no-danshi-7-300x216.jpg     osamu-mukai-01.jpg

Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries - such as drama recommendations, opinions or anything! Would be more than happy to talk to you :)


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