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Zombieland / living with daryl. LOL


Zombieland / living with daryl. LOL
Mrs. Cop
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by bambamby

Oct 3, 2015
18 of 18 episodes seen
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 9.5
I'm really surprised with this drama.. I have to confess I love police dramas or series, and usually they got me since episode 1 until the end. Mrs.cop wasn't different, good plot, good rythm and perfect CAST and characters.. Personally, I think I'm loving the fact this drama had the perfect combination.. evils and good police plot. The writer of this drama is probably my hero in dramas right now. I always search women characters with strength, and finally.. I found ONE!. Kim Hee Ae as Choi Young Jin and lee da hee as Min do Young aren't weak women and either need the help of men to make their work, instead I can say they are BADASS. Above all, I wanna say, Lee da hee act and character is my new icon in kdramas. Hoooray girl!!! The rest of cast is fantastic too, the police team is a family and I love that vibe!! Other thing I loved was the tension and chemistry between Son Ho Joon (as Han Jin Woo) and Lee da hee (Min do young) all time. I think they need other drama together, in lead roles!! lol. Finally.. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with kdramas lately.. but Mrs.Cop was everything I needed. P.s: If you love BEAST or know about Lee Gi Kwang .. then.. better watch this drama, maybe you'll want to call a cop like him! I Hope you enjoy this drama too!!
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