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I was born and raised in South East Asia hence I grew up watching many Asian movies and dramas. However, ever since I migrated to Australia in 2002, they have been few and far between. It was only in 2016 when I had the chance to watch more of them and have caught up heaps since.

I am fluent in Mandarin (Chinese) and understand very basic Japanese. I enjoy watching Chinese, Japanese and Korean movies and dramas (only started Korean in 2018).

I watch all genres and only watch completed dramas (the wait for the next episode kills me!). Least favorite will probably be musicals and horror.

When I rate movies and dramas, the delivery matters most to me. For example, a comedy type has to make me laugh out loud often, a thriller type has to get me on the edge of my seat throughout, a romance type has to give me all the feels etc... I only rate them when I've finished watching them.

Check out my favorite lists and see if we have similarities or if any is worth you watching.

My Ratings

10  = A Masterpiece to me and I Absolutely Love It - Must Watch
9.5 = Almost Perfect to me, I'm really nick-picking here not giving it a perfect score - Strongly Recommended
9.0 = Solid movie/drama and I Love It - Highly Recommended
8.5 = A Good movie/drama that is worth your time watching - Recommended, My favorite lists start from here
8.0 = An Enjoyable movie/drama - Watch it after finishing your top priority list
7.5 = A Decent movie/drama - Watch or add to your priority list
7.0 = An Above Average movie/drama - Watch when your priority list is running low
6.5 = Passable as it has some good moments - Watch it to curb your curiosity when you've got nothing else 
6.0 = Watchable, However you won't miss out if you skip it
5.5 = Very Average, Don't waste your time
5.0 = Very Forgettable, Don't waste your time
Below 5.0 = None because I'll drop it and it wouldn't be fair to rate them since I didn't finish watching them


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