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I watch all genres and only watch completed dramas (the wait for the next episode kills me!). Least favorite will probably be musicals and horror (I do watch them from time to time).

When I rate movies and dramas, the delivery matters most to me. For example, a comedy type has to make me laugh out loud often, a thriller type has to get me on the edge of my seat throughout, a romance or slice of life type has to give me all the feels etc... I only rate them when I've finished watching them.

Check out my favorite lists and see if we have similarities or if any is worth you watching.

My Ratings

10  = A Masterpiece to me and I Absolutely Love It!!! - Must Watch
9.5 = Almost Perfect to me and I Love it!! I'm nick-picking here not giving it a perfect score - Strongly Recommended
9.0 = Solid movie/drama that I Really Like! - Highly Recommended
8.5 = A Very Good movie/drama that I Enjoyed - Recommended, My favorite lists start from here
8.0 = An Enjoyable movie/drama worth your time - Watch it after finishing your top priority list
7.5 = A Decent movie/drama - Watch or add to your priority list
7.0 = An Above Average movie/drama - Watch when your priority list is running low
6.5 = Passable as it has some good moments - Watch it to curb your curiosity when you've got nothing else 
6.0 = Watchable, However you won't miss out if you skip it
5.5 = Very Average, Don't waste your time
5.0 = Very Forgettable, Don't waste your time
Below 5.0 = None because I'll drop it and it wouldn't be fair to rate them since I didn't finish watching them


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