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Mandy Candy


Mandy Candy


An amateur K-drama enthusiast (June when I began)

I have seen a lot of people do their favorite K-drama lists of all time, but a lot of them were similar and they did not have a clear reason why they preferred one over the other. I decided to do that but created a standardized rating scale to measure this the MC Score. Many dramas that I watch are Rom-Coms so this was ideal for those but it was adapted for non-Rom-Com's as well.

The MC score OR the Mancy Candy Score is my subjective standardized rating scale for dramas. Some may not agree with the scale as it can be affected by my biases (Namgoong Min and Corruption/Crime Thrillers).

Scale has 7 categories on a scale of 1-5 they are rated and the total scores are the MC Scores [MAX:35 MIN: 7]. 

Comedy/Intrigue: Terrible to ROFL

Romance/Character Interaction: lacking to tangible

Story: Did I like it to continue watching it

Beginning: Unnecessary to Captivating

Ending: Unnecessary to Fulfilling

Acting: Main characters acting skills rated from 1 to 5 and averaged across each *Bonus points may be awarded in this category to particularly excellent acting*

Conflict/Pacing: Tiring to Heart-pounding 

Favorite K-pop Group: NU'EST#thoseVNeckswillkeepmeupatnight

Other groups, I love: PENTAGON, EXO, Super Junior, MONSTA X, Shinee, SF9

Favorite Drama: Chief Kim  and Hot Stove League

First Drama: She Was Pretty

Favorite Actors: Namgoong Min and Favorite Actress: Park Bo Young

Favorite K-movies: Hot Young Bloods & Midnight Runners They both were engaging


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