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Hellooooo!  My nickname is Mandy! I love food, comedy, and crime/spy/corruption thrillers. I used to read a lot of mangas and I am still upto date with: Skip Beat, Ookami-heika no Hanayome, Baby Steps, and Namaikizakari.

How I score my dramas?

A lot of people do their favorite K-drama and I decided to do that but created a standardized rating scale to measure this the MC Score. The MC score OR the Mancy Candy Score is subjective as it can be affected by my biases (Namgoong Min and Corruption/Crime Thrillers).

7 categories getting a value of 1-5

Comedy/Intrigue/Most Prominent Genre: Terrible to ROFL

Romance/Character Interaction: lacking to tangible

Story: Did I like it to continue watching it

Beginning: Unnecessary to Captivating

Ending: Unnecessary to Fulfilling

Acting: Main characters acting skills rated from 1 to 5 and averaged across each *Bonus points may be awarded in this category to particularly excellent acting*

Conflict/Pacing: Tiring to Heart-pounding


1-4Umm I dropped it no regrets. Never watch it or you will lose brain cells

4-5.5: I had no reason to watch it I just forgot to drop it. I watched it at 2X speed and skipped many scenes

6.0-6.5: Not my cup of tea. It's did not have a good story or good characters.

7.0-7.5: Basic story and basic characters that were well executed. Or good characters and story but badly executed. I won't recommend these usually

8.0: Pretty original story or character mostly well-executed but I would not be te first to recommend these

8.5-9.5: EXCELLENT in most aspects. I loved these dramas from start to finish, but I might have taken a break while watching it, or felt that the story lulled at times

10: Perfect just watch it, watch it, Run and watch it NOW.

Things I would rather NOT watch:

  • Attempted Rape/Rape (makes me super mad and uncomfortable)
  • STALKERS and psychopathic lovers (this is a HARD pass)
  • FLs that just give up everything for their man (like TF?)

IF you are curious about any of the dramas or groups on this profile click the name! 

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Favorite K-pop Group: NU'EST#InsideOut 

Other groups, I love: PENTAGON, EXO, Super Junior, MONSTA X, B.A.P, Shinee, AKMU, VIXX and BigBang

Favorite Drama:  Chief Kim, Hot Stove League, Because this is My First Life, Mr. Queen, Hikaru No Go, D.P

(Listed in chronological watching order)

Hikaru no Go 

First Drama: She Was Pretty (lol that's a lie it is my first K-drama though)

First Asian Drama/J-Drama: (for real this time) Wakakozake [Yes a glorious food drama]
Favorite Actors: Namgoong Min and Favorite Actress: Too Many//>/./<//

Favorite K-movies: TBD I have a poor repertoire...


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