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Bomi Rock


Bomi Rock


I'm a person who loves any drama about Romance. A story that can bring the feeling that the actors are trying to interpret. A good story is the total of an amazing drama. I think in my opinion that Asian dramas are really well done. My personality is very simple: I  play an instrument called Viola, I love soccer, I can be a bit annoying, I'm very confident in myself, I am a huge kpop girl, I like to eat pizza, My dream job is either to be a doctor or engineer, and I love to write novels about any genre. 

Favorite music groups:

  • EXO
  • NCT2018
  • X-Nine
  • Arashi
  • Kanjani8
  • Wanna One
  • Super Junior
  • Lovelyz
  • Red Velvet
  • Monsta X
  • Hey! Say! Jump!
  • GFriend 

Favorite dramas:

  • Oh, My Emperor!
  • Super Star Academy
  • Kill me, Heal me
  • Heartstrings
  • Cinderella and Four Knights
  • The Heirs
  • EXO Next Door
  • The Surgeons
  • 1 Liter of Tears
  • Boss and Me
  • Descendants of the Sun
  • Blood
  • Doctors
  • High Society
  • Moorim School
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Leh Ratree
  • Sassy Go Go

 My goal is to spread all the love for Asian Dramas throughout the whole wide world. Also, have fun and show everyone the fun in Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai dramas.

 Also, I would like to be friends with everyone. Meet new people that have the same passion for Asian Dramas like me. Have fun and give opinions about any subject related to dramas.  I shall also start making more list of dramas I think other people might enjoy and would love to watch.  Asian Dramas Rocks!!!!!

This Is Who I Am! :)

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