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I'm just another Asian girl who likes to write, learn languages, and play video games in my free time. I have a black belt in Taekwondo, and enjoy singing and dancing, mainly to Korean music and music from anime. I enjoy watching anime when I have the time, Attack on Titan, Clannad, and Death Note being my favorites. In addition, I play video games - Legend of Zelda, the Tales series, Super Smash, etc, and often surprise my guy friends by easily beating them in multiplayer games, haha. :P

A few words that describe me...probably: Sarcastic, Funny, Smart, Selective, Observant, Cool-headed,  INTJ

I rate dramas mainly on writing quality and plot, along with how emotionally attached I am to the characters and the themes. 

The first drama I watched was Two Weeks, and it is still my most favorite one to date - some of the scenes get me every time I watch them. 

Send me a request if you want to talk about a drama or something - I'm always willing to get into discussions, debates, or just casual conversations with pretty much anyone so don't hesitate to do so. I'm pretty yeah.

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