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Hi, I am Haylie Charmz..This is a little about meself ツ

Sarcasm is my goto Language. I enjoy arguments (specially winning them) adding to that I might have anger issues :P. I have Existentional crisis time to time. I am a Recipe for a Disaster ☠ & a Sucker for Happy endings.I Love Writing, Reading books,Painting, Hand-lettering, Sketching and Science. I am obsessed with Gaming, Music, TVseries (US and UK), K-Dramas,K-pop & Creepy pastas.I have only watched Bleach in the anime category .Sometimes I get sucked into Youtube from which I barely get out alive.----Extreme FANGIRL ALERT. Black is my Rainbow & Creepy is my calm. You can find me on Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/charmz75

When it come to american series..there are soo many I can't count.
I am a Harry potter, Supernatural, Merlin, Game of thrones, How to get away with murder, Sherlock, Suits, House M.D etc.. fan... :D

I am an ARMY <3. I Adore BTS..♫

I have been watching dramas for around 5 years now..and if you ask my friends you will know that Literally narrate the entire drama I am into for hours...  

My first Korean Drama was Secret Garden...have watched it 5 more times since then.

BTW I neeed to meet the writer of FAITH...she did an AMAZING job with the script...

So far I have watched 64 dramas. 

Also I am a freshman at University..taking English Literature.

If you guys can checkout MDL and suggest korean dramas I have to watch.

Where as I will do the same if you want.

The MUST-WATCH dramas that I would suggest are in my Favorite Dramas List.

My ratings are (PS: The ones that make it to my Favorite Drama list are the ones I rate 8.5-10)

10 ---> I LOVE THEM TO DEATH ♥♥♥♥

9+ ---> I could re-watch again and again ♥♥♥

8+ ---> Worth watching at-least once...wont regret it ♥♥

7+ ---> Pretty much good..simpler stories..one time watch only ♥

6+ ---> Meh... gets pretty dull as episodes progress

5+ ---> Watch at your own risk!..belive me 50% rate aint worth the time

5 & less ---> Pretty much sucks!..you might even feel your brain get smaller as you watch these dramas!

1 ----> BOOOO!!! 

I have RULES when I am watching Dramas .. 

  1. I don't ever watch more than one drama at a time... If I wanna feel all the emotions and see the character development...I can't watch more than one at a time ....unlike in English series where I watch 20 at a time..cause series are different.. I like to think of dramas as very detailed and long movies....and no one pauses a movie to start another one, do they?
  2. I don't ever take long breaks between a drama..You forget all the feelings you had for the couple or the character and anticipation for the drama during the break.
  3. I try to watch at least 3 episodes minimum per day that is if I were to start a drama.
  4. I never start a drama that is still releasing...cause a week break after every 2 episodes is unacceptable!
  5. I try not to watch more than 4-5 episodes per day (even though my maximum is 15 episodes in a day)...because...even if you binge watch it due to the anticipation and you feel all emotions of the drama...in a day you forget all the amazing scenes ...and little details...cause you rushed it too much and our brain didn't have enough time to take in all the details...so when you think back to the drama in a few months... you will question if you really liked it ..since you can't remember the scenes to go with those emotions.

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Thank You ^^


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