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In front of my computer.


In front of my computer.

Avid drama fan: Korean, Japanese, and/or Taiwanese/Chinese. 

Truthful ratings: My favorite and most appreciated thing. 

(Though I also appreciate those that rate it a 10/10 because they personally loved it, it makes me happy that they liked it so much)

Things I like: (good) stories, no matter their form (Dramas, Movies, Books, Songs, Quotes...etc.), food, lists, sayings that compel me to write them down, sweet things, nice people, good people, good villains, anything good really, rings, music, money, colors, good marketing/advertising. 

Things I don't like: Carrots, when good stories/writing meets bad production/acting/directing, bad/no chemisty, anything I like done badly, 


I classify things that make me feel: as good.

Can be: over emotional, dramatic, sassy, annoying, the first to let you know if your annoying, calm, rational, imaginative, hopefully, hopeless.

My mood really depends on how hungry (or tired I am) I'm sorry for anything I say when I'm hungry, especially if it offends you, I try not to, I really do.

Favorite Color: Yellow.

I'm not super picky when it comes to drama genres (or stories in general).


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