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Toronto Canada


Toronto Canada

yup that's me...still cosplaying at my age. I rarely act my age...maybe that is why people tell me i don't look my age either. I believe that doing things i like and things that make me happy keep my young. So i watch Dramas and Anime and Dr Who and a bunch of other sci fi programs. I fairly recently started listening to Kpop as well. Oh yeah.. and I go to Sci-fi Conventions and do things like dress up as a Steam Punk Version of Ursula.

That's all for now..I'm sure i will have more to say later...i'll add that once i know what it is.

leave me a message or send me a friend request..lets get to know each other

Cheol Soo: "No. It's same. Hands, mouth, eyes..You are still beautiful'. - A Werewolf boy


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