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Thousand Years Till Dawn


Thousand Years Till Dawn



I'm just a random boy who love kdramas and cdramas,though I would watch dramas from other countries occasionally. I love listening to Osts and making gifs for dramas that I love.I like dramas from different genres.I am the type of person who is free to talk to anyone so feel free to chat with me and send a friend request and  DM me if you want to chat. 

(Accepting friend requests of ppl that are actually active on the feeds)

*psst... here's my GIF library*


Some of my favorites •

*These are dramas that I love for some reason they might not be the best but I like them 

Psst.. you can press on the poster to go to it's page*

 Hidden love


*adorable romance that is full of fluff*

You are my glory


*slow burn romance between a star and a rabbit*

Falling into your smile


* romance between a shorty and monster of a captain*

Go go squid


*e-sports & romance*


Tale of the nine tailed


*romance, bromance & a whole lot of action*
When I fly towards you


*a  quiet tutor and a persistent student's story*

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