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By any chance, do you like.... Messi?


My first show was Good Morning Call! - This show will forever be in my heart, as this is the show that led me to my new obsession of dramas <3 I can't remember what made me watch this, but I don't regret it haha xD


My favourite dramas:

SASSY GO GO - This show looks into the education system of korean schools, and highlights how the schools discriminate against students that can't study as well and desire more creative subjects. Not to mention the romance hehe <3

This show is very similar to a show that I'm currently watching called School 2017! :) 


WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOO - This show is absolutely wonderful. Enough said.. hahah but for real, seeing as my favourite genre of dramas is romance, this show is perfect. I love the relationship the two main characters have, and the story is amazing. 10000/10 <3



My favourite boy group - BTS would have to be my favourite boy group at the moment, they weren't my first ever kpop group, but by far my favourite band <3

Bias: Jin <3

Bias Wrecker: all of them xD



My favourite girl group - This is such a hard question, as I love TWICE and BLACKPINK equally at the moment, but I would have to say TWICE <3

Bias: My bias always changes in TWICE but at the moment Tzuyu

Bias wrecker: Momo!! <3



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