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Belgrade, Serbia
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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Jan 11, 2017
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
So healthy. Kim Bok Joo is one damn healthy drama. I couldn't find more appropriate way to describe it with one word. Drama that will sweep you off your feet with its engaging story, lovely characters, interesting humor, beautiful scenery, wonderful music and amazing writing. I'm not usually good at writing about romantic comedies as I'm not some vivid fan of them but let me tell you that this kind of romantic comedy wasn't seen until now. It really wasn't. On the first look it may seem like a typical Korean drama full of cliches and repetitive plot but as soon as you dive a bit deeper you'll see it's so far from that. I think this is actually the most untypical typical drama that has all kind of cliches packed so great that in the end all those cliches simply disappear and you're left with something different, a breath of fresh air that crawls under your skin and steals your hear for a lifetime. Being a sport theme drama, it could be a turn off for some of you. But don't let that affect you, just skip that and watch it because sport is there just a setting for real plot. Okay, you have sport university and some competitions in swimming and weightlifting but it really doesn't get boring or concentrate on that. The main focus is on one girl and life around her, her family, friends and love life. How she with help of all those people gets to become confident, mature brave young woman who strives for the best and with hard work make her dreams come true.We follow her journey through all that, her first crush, her first pain, her tears, sweat and fail, her smile, happiness and excitement, her confusion and realization what is actually love and whom she really loves and finally her will to accept herself fully and be the best in weightlifting. I enjoyed in watching all her journey, in all the details this drama gave me in past two months- Kim Bok Joo with her friends who are best friends one could have- three of them are indeed an epitome of AWESOMENESS, their firm friendship full of trust, care, adventures and funny moments; Kim Bok Joo with her family, her dad and uncle were highlight of this drama and I truly loved watching them love each other that much, one of the best family relationships shown in dramaland; Bok Joo wih her coaches, those two people who helped her and were beside her all the way, who encouraged her and were there in both celebrating and bittersweet times; and finally Bok Joo with Joon Hyeong. I dare to say that this couple, these two amazing living creatures are one the best characters written out there, couple that really became a synonym of trust, respect, love and untypical uniqueness. I loved them separated and I loved them together, I think both are truly good people who, like any of us have their own insecurities and fears, and who simply wish the best for their loved ones. They really care for their family and friends and they really try and work so hard to become good, better and the best at what they're doing. In the end they left me with feelings of full admiration and love for them. Their relationship is one of the healthiest I've seen, if not THE healthiest. Filled with humor, funny moments, teasing, bickering, great chemistry, with such natural and easiness, trust and without any stupid misunderstanding, whenever you think "oh now they're gonna mess it up like in every other drama", they surprise you with simple and normal way of dealing with all the problems, writing is just too good. And that is the best part of this drama, original, refreshing, atypical, great writing. The actors are great too, each of them fitted the role perfectly and each of them tried to give a good performance. I really liked them all with some of them who stole my heart in a second -Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Joo Young as Sun Ok, those three somehow stood out the most. The leads were indeed great, actors did a wonderful job in portraying all right emotions when they should and actually they kinda surprised me which is good, I'll be looking forward seeing their work more and more, definitely won me here. But I guess everyone in this drama won me over, that's how much I loved it. ;) Plus with some positive vibes and melodies, and some great outdoor shots, beautiful sceneries, I think this drama has it all. And it really deserves to be praised. Where you have friendship that is so raw, real and pure, where you have family bond where nothing could destroy it and where you do all that you can for your beloved creature, where you have a guy who is probably the most untypical male lead in dramaland and who is literally the best guy you could ever meet and when that same guy loves you in such a normal, natural, feel good way, where you have a team that actually cheer for you without any backstabbing, when you have all that plus your own strength and will, I think you have the whole world under your feet. This is the message that Kim Bok Joo left me, simple yet heartwarming lesson- that all the people are ordinary people and that we all with the power that comes from our hearts and from the hearts of our loved ones, we can become extraordinary. Just believe in yourself, never give up and SWAG.
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