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Belgrade, Serbia
LGBT Asian movies and dramas. ♥
339 4

My addiction with BL genre has started in October 2016 (I did watch lots of Hong Kong, Chinese, American, European gay themed movies before)…

The best music in dramas.
48 0

There are really too many great dramas with amazing music, it was hard to pick the best ones, but somehow I managed to do that. And the best…

They're tall, I'm happy. For sure I'd watch their work. :P
51 0

Like I said already, everyone of us has some fetish and something they prefer the most in some guy(girl)-actor(actress). I personally LOVE TALL…

My Eye Candy list.
39 0

Actors who I find the most attractive. And the MUST BE is a height taller than 180. Takeshi is the only exception here because I seriously love…

Female characters I find amazing.
49 0

I'm more oriented on male characters as I find them better written most of the times and they share most of the times better friendship.…

The best kisses from Korean dramas
55 0

Sweet, hot, romantic, sexy, hateful, amazing kisses all the way. ;-)

Mindblowing dramas that left me speechless.
14 0

Dramas that made me question about all other dramas. Dramas that simply made me realize what is a real example of amazing writing, amazing acting…

Historical dramas which I could and will watch over and over again
18 0

Dramas I love the most, I respect the most and I was so into them like I was the main character. Forever will be my favourite historical dramas…

Most memorable endings
49 0

Sad or happy, dramas and movies with endings that had very big effect on me and because of that I put them on this list as the endings I remembered…

The best characters ever existed in dramaland. ♥
53 0

List of my favourite male characters from dramas who I find to be the most interesting ones, original, smart, brave, crazy, unique, loyal, funny…

Kisses in the rain
19 0

I love rain, I love to kiss, I love kissing in the rain. ;-) These kisses were really great and passionate ones, usually in some crucial moment.…

Favourite villains from dramas.
26 0

In order.1. Kanzaki Jun3. Gwi2. Dongfang and Sha Qian Mo4. Cao Cao5. Ryu Tae Oh6. Chun7. Lee Tae Jun8. Chae Do Woo9. Denjiro 10. Akira11. Kang…

Dearest family dramas.
23 0

Inspired by one of the few rarest Korean family dramas (cause I hate makjang and the way they make their family dramas of 50 episodes and only…

Best bromances
53 0

I just love bromances, it's my favourite part in dramas and movies, relationship between friends.

Best natural chemistry. And real mature relationships.
53 0

This is the list about couples who have the most realistic natural chemistry and their relationship through drama is very mature and deep.

Dramas and movies with original/weird /unique storyline and acting
57 3

I was always a fan of weird, different and also twisted kind of movies. Most of non Asian movies I love are exactly like that- weird, unique…

The best thrillers
50 0

With a great plot, versatile acting and attractive storyline. Ending sad or happy, doesn't matter, but I prefer not so happy ending.I have…

The best school dramas
25 0

What to say, Japan is definitely the master for school dramas, they make it so real and fantastic, I just love to watch their school theme dramas!

Books and literature in dramas.
10 0

Dramas that have book and literature theme. I'm a book lover and I really love seeing  them in shows I watch,.

Actors I'd love to see more.
55 0

I find these guys either adorable, cute, fantastic or charismatic and I would really appreciate to see them more on the screen. I think their…

The strongest and the most beautiful love stories
33 0

This is one of my favourite lists. Love between the main characters which I find the most honest and the strongest, again no matter whether…

Favourite couples from dramas.
72 0

These are my favourite couples. I tried not to put on this list couples I loved from many dark and tragic dramas (except for One million stars…

Breath of fresh air dramas and movies.
76 2

With great storyline/interesting scenario/realistic scenes/happy moments with humor.

Wonderful romance movies.
32 0

My fav. movies when it comes to terms of romance and love, they show the real deepness, natural feelings, mature vibe.First 4 are pure and biggest…

Overrated dramas.
56 0

The title says itself. For me, these dramas got way more attention than they deserve. And I think they really don't stand for that much…

Taiwanese do it for real. ;-)
32 0

Definitely the best kiss and sexy scenes are from Taiwanese dramas, I think I didn't see any drama where actors didn't do the job properly.…

Favourite Directors
21 0

Directors I respect and love the most.  p.s. Wong Kar Wai as number one forever and ever. China- Zhang Yi Mou.Japan- Sono Sion.Korea-  Kim…

Actors with mesmerizing voices that I could always listen and be captivated with
40 1

Voices that hypnotize me, whenever they talk I fall in love.

Business dramas that I find very cleverly written and with fantastic cast.
9 0

I've never been a fan of business dramas but when I watched Roosevelt Game I started to watch more and more and found myself going deeper and…

In love with them...Only the perfect ones are here.
33 0

Actors I will love forever. Only the best ones are here, that means actors I fell in love with in dramas, movies, their acting skills, their…

My favourite tearjerkers forever
22 0

I could always watch these dramas and movies and cry over and over again, they're just too emotional and heartbreaking for me and I love…

Dramas that make me burst out laughing.
22 0

I'm not fan of comedy genre and generally don't like them but I do love dramas with quirky, weird, unique and crazy sense of humor and…

Romcoms that I really like
24 0

Funny scenes, interesting parts, cool acting and characters.

Quirkest, weirdest and funniest characters I met in dramaland.
29 0

I tend to love more some weird characters in dramas. These ones I find the most interesting and I had fantastic time while watching them. I'd…

Best Screenwriters
11 0

My faves. Nojima Shinji and Wong Kar Wai. And then the rest. ♥

Dearest Chinese dramas.
33 0

Chinese dramas I love the most and enjoyed while watching. For every one of them I have special feelings and emotions. ♥

Chinese, HK and Taiwanese actresses I appreciate and love.
30 0

Girls I adore, most of them cause of their acting and talent and just a few cause they are too cute and charismatic. ;)

Korean actors I respect the most
43 0

List of my dearest Korean actors. I do love so many of them but it's impossible to leave someone out. ;)

My favourite older actors.
25 0

Actors over 44 I respect and love their acting. Younger than 44 I still call oppa, although I'm 29. ;-)

Dramas with highest rating.
10 0

I just couldn't give nothing but 10 to these dramas, of course it's based on my personal feelings and how I experienced them.

My favourite Chinese, HK and Taiwanese actors.
53 0

Actors which I find very appealing to my taste and who have such an aura that instantly capture you.

Underrated movies
46 0

And these are the movies which should get more views. Some of them aren't for everyone's taste but some of them are definitely for most of the…

Underrated Japanese dramas
58 0

These dramas should have more views and should be more recognized because all of them are really great and I've enjoyed in every moment while…