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Right here


Right here

Hi,   I am brand new to both MyDramaList and watching Asian dramas ( July 2019) .  I've watched a few Chinese movies in the past but I have recently taken a binging interest in Korean dramas. I hope to venture out to  Chinese dramas and Japanese dramas,  all in good time.    

I really like romance in the dramas I watch. Between a melodrama with romance vs. a romantic comedy (rom-com), I prefer a melodrama with romance.

I do not like gory, super violent, zombie or horror genres. 

I have loaded up my Completed list — I’ve really become a binger. So many dramas, so little time! Viki has become my best friend. :D

Thank you for reading my profile and for any recommendations you send to me!  Here's what I'm watching right now:  

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