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I've been watching Asian dramas for a number of years.  I've been asked by new viewers what they should watch so I created a word document with comments and reviews not knowing what to do with it.  I stumbled across this site and hope that this is the place I can send new people to and a place I can keep all my reviews and notes about the dramas I have watched through the years.  

I watch dramas as a vacation from reality.  There are some that I will start but become irritating like my children, husband, and colleagues so I stop before I get too invested in them.  Others I know are crap, like eating at McDonalds or Taco Bell, but I keep watching them because they require no thought.  I don't have any one genre that I like since it seems that all of them have some kind of romance component to them.  

My journey into Asian entertainment began in 1980 when I started watching "Star Blazers."  Living on the west coast there was a large Asian, mostly Korean, population and the local TV station would show various Asian movies and dramas.  My girls growing up would read a lot of manga and watch a lot of anime so in the 1990's I moved from Disney's Ariel to Totoro.  Looking for dramas to watch in the early 2000's were not easy to come by and some that I found were badly dubbed.  Currently many of the dramas I watch are from China, India, Iran, Korea, and Taiwan. 

I'll let y'all figure out how old I am, but I will say that I have five grown kids with multiple grandkids. It's just nice to be able to talk with others with similar interests and to be able to discuss why we love/hate dramas/actors. 


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