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How I Got Into Dramas

I've been into dramas for over two years now but I've heard about dramas a year prior to getting into dramas by my friend in school. She used to recap a show called Winter Sonata and tried to get me into an artist named Rain and his "chocolate abs". Sooner

or later I finally gave in to watching dramas and I should have listen to her a lot earlier.

My first drama ever: Boys Over Flowers 


Let just say that if I watched this after I started watching dramas then I would I have probably hated it but it did prepare me for all of the k-drama clichés that I now know and (somewhat)love. 

My first J-drama: 1 liter of tears 


This is probably the only drama where I was I close to tears after every episode. Just thinking about the show just makes me think about all of the sad moments of the show.

My first Taiwanese drama: In Time with You 


I'm a sucker for the best friends falling in love story line in movies/shows/books so when I saw that this entire drama was dedicated to that story line I was hooked. 

My favorite Drama: Reply 1997 


Before this drama it usually took me a good month to finish a drama but when I started this drama I finished it in about 5 days. I loved every character and the story it was the best 16 hours and there has not been a drama that has beat this(yet)

Least Favorite Drama

When it comes to least favorite drama I'm lucky in the way that I haven't watched a drama that was so god awful that every minute of watching it was torture but if I had to picked one it would be :

The Heirs 


This drama was the first drama that I ever dropped and that's saying a lot because I'm the kind of person who once I start something I have to finish it. It's just that I didn't like any character except the supporting cast and the male leads were just horrible that I couldn't continue. 


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