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In both dramas...
-Older woman/younger man theme, the age gap is about the same as well
-The ML is a musician
-The ML is famous whereas the FL is an ordinary office worker
-The leads grew up with each other but grew apart when the ML moves
-The FL doesn't consider the ML as a love interest at all
-ML falls in love and chases the FL first
Recommended by suchimonster - Jan 25, 2022
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In both dramas...
-Wu Nien Hsuan is the ML
-Older woman/younger man theme
-The leads are childhood friends
-FL is recently divorced
-FL returns to Taiwan secretly without telling their parents
-There are love triangles

-The age gap in LIS is much larger than MM
Recommended by suchimonster - Jan 25, 2022
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In both dramas...
-the FL gets romatically involved with the ML to get revenge for their family.
-an overbearing mother that is controlling over their son
-battle for inherenting the family's business
-ML falls for FL first, and FL is blinded by revenge to admit their love

KKSR is more comedic while WWDS is more serious
Recommended by suchimonster - Jun 9, 2021
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In both dramas...
-the couples have to fake a marriage due to a scandal that will ruin their careers
-the couples go from hating each other falling in love with each and not minding being married
-celebrities are involved in the relationship (both actors) on Well intended love its the FL and in Please love me its the ML
-the couples have to move in with each other to protect the details of their fake marriage
-there are love triangles, but they resolve themselves pretty quickly
-the FL is friends with the people who are apart of the love triangle
-the MLs are both cold at the beginning, but they slowly warm up to the female lead
Recommended by suchimonster - Apr 4, 2020
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Both dramas take place in a office and has the male boss/ female employee theme.
Both female leads like the male lead first, but quickly change their love into hate. The couples end up together in the end.
On a side note, both female leads have a poster of the male lead in their room.
Recommended by suchimonster - Sep 2, 2018
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Both male leads are major germaphobes and make the companies they run do insane procedures to keep it clean, but they slowly change upon meeting the female lead. Both female leads are strong independent women. The shows also share the theme of Rich Man/Poor Woman.
Recommended by suchimonster - Aug 13, 2018