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About Me

I’m a male in my early thirties and I’m on MDL to keep track of the stuffing I watch and make friends to talk about dramas. I’ll probably send you a message every once in a while if you're my friend list but if you just want to be left alone, don't worry, I can take a hint. On the other hand if you like to chat I'll always reply the messages I get here. Also, I'm always on Discord, so you use the platform just ask me for my tag.

I usually send random friend request to fellow country mates. If you decided to accept then I hope we can get along well.


My rating scale

10. Incredible. The works that elevate the medium. Consistently great through most of its run, groundbreaking and or simply masterfully executed.
9. Great. So good I wanted to watch again right after finishing. The stories I'll treasure for years ahead.
8. Good. I enjoyed it enough to make a good lasting impression
7. Good but flawed. Enjoyable but with a lot of noticeable flaws that I could totally look pass them.
6. Watchable. I could finish it but I had to force myself at times, even though it's not completely bad.
5. Weak. Not my cup of tea. Maybe it's a bad premise, maybe it's a bad execution.
4. Bad. I would probably drop this one halfway through if I had better sense.
3. Awful. Whatever redeeming feature this one has is simply not enough to justify watching.
2. Embarassing. So bad I would only finish it if I had some kind of stake on it.
1. Disgraceful. In the rare case I find no redeemable qualities in a work of fiction. I hope I never have to use it here.


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