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Hey There! :)

I'm not good at introducing myself, but I'll try my best. So I'm an 18 years old girl, from a little country in Europe's heart, Hungary. Maybe I am from a little country, but I have big dreams!

I first got interested in Korea back in March 2016, my friend made me watch Kpop music videos, and I ended up obsessed with the Korean culture and music. So because of GOT7 and EXO, I watched Dream Knight amd EXO Next Door. These led me to korean dramas. I guess this is a really common process. :D

I watched my first drama in August, that year, the drama was Descendents of the Sun, I immediately fell in love. My next was Kill Me Heal Me, and so on and on. 

My ultimate favourite drama is Bad Guys, but Hello Monster is also really close to my heart. I enjoy dramas mostly in the genre of Mystery, Crime and Comedy. Also, dramas which are including people with mental health issues, I don't really know what to call them. :'D 

One of my favourite actors is Park Hae Jin, I really love how colorful his career is he's also very talented, it's mind blowing and he's goddamn handsome! :D An other fav of mine is Park Seo Joon, he was my first love among the actors, I love how hardworking and a sweetheart he is. Also recently I fell in love with a rookie actor Woo Do Hwan, his acting skills are beyond this world.


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