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Please bear with MY ramblings, this text may get long and DRAMAtic. I really am more of a talker than a LISTener when on the subject of myself. ;)
But even though I'm bad with introductions, I don't bite. So feel free to leave something on my feed or a friend request if you wish~

はじめまして。처음 뵙겠습니다.

I happen to be an MDLer from Sweden; a country further away than I want to admit.
Apart from movies and dramas, I'm also rather obsessed by other stuff like food, history or art and north-east Asian cultures in general fascinate me. I was learning Japanese for some time, both in school and by my own, and I understand basic korean. By that I mean reading and using hangeul and getting the general gist of words and grammar, but not really knowing what to do with it yet. My skills are elementary at best in any language, except for Swedish and English, however, I try as well as I can with what I have and always strive to know more.

I love music — all kinds of music. However, listening every category of music in the whole world would be too tiring so I focus on mainly East Asian music, and then especially J-rock, Kpop and different kinds of indie. Aside from that I go from weird 90's groups to local and non-local indie bands, you name it. It's the simple truth; good music is good.

The greatest artist ever in our world's history is, according to me, Miyavi — the god of guitars. I like him, his music and whatever it is he does with that "bling bling six string thing" of his. Even without mentioning fatherhood and life values, I am and will keep on being a Myv Crew. While speaking of J-rock we must remember my dear Akiharu of An Cafe, the one I had enough of a thing for to dedicate a poem to back in primary school.

With Kpop it's a different story. My absolute favourite choice isn't one person, but a mess of personalities getting a fluctuating drawer space in my brain. So let's go through a few, not in any specific order. I have Amber, owning the deepest soul to her infectious enthusiasm. Tablo, his writing is as vivid as his heart. Jonghyun, given his talent in music together with the sweetest, most empathetic spirit. Heenim, as his sass is endless but his humanity goes further. And GD, dressing to impress but having his mind leave the bigger imprint. They are all a bunch of colourful, quirky, confident people who I praise equally, no matter what.

To list all things I frequently listen to would be too long. I do pretty much anything Kpop, mainly older Jrock and after that it depends on what mood I'm in or what I can get my hands on. If you can think of anything good, tell me about it. I always want to learn more about music of all kinds!

Since this is a page for dramafans, I'll tell you something about my drama-history.

Actually my very first experience with Asian dramas was a looooong time ago when I was randomly clicking around on YouTube and came across a clip that was, according to what I thought at that time, very confusing and weird. Later on when I watched Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge I realized that this peculiar clip I had seen years before actually were the ending scene from the series. That short moment of exposure to dramas was not the beginning of my addiction though.

The first actual drama for me was Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (commonly known Hana Kimi) and it was my dear friend Matsuchan (yes, exactly THAT Matsu, the one basically everyone on here knows) who introduced me to it at exactly the 25th of February 2012.

With that I begun my journey through dramaland, or more specifically through the Japanese part of it.
It took me half a year to broaden my horizons to Korean dramas too, when I decided to watch the "Korean version of Ikemen Desu Ne" to see if it was as good as the Japanese one. Of course, with that I meant You're Beautiful, but at the time I didn't use its real name.

With that, my drama-addiction had come to a start, as full fledged as it has yet been!

So yeah. That's it, cool, nice, hope you enjoyed. Bye? I Guess. Bye~  :)

The following is for my own sake since I repeatedly loose my paper-list.
(To get the "days" count right, I put the drama or movie in question onto my Dropped list. Nothing will disturb the count as that one is otherwise empty. Entries are done individually until I have a bunch (or enough time and will). At that point I line them alphabetically to count the days all at once, to minimize the margin of error.)

-A Werewolf Boy
-Antique Bakery
--Antique Bakery
-Bloody Monday
-Chilling Romance
--Chilling Romance
-City Hunter
-Jackals Are Coming
-Death Note
--Gokusen The Movie
-Hana Kimi
-Kimi Wa Petto
-A Conan movie (return)
-Moon Child
--Moon Child
-RH Plus
-Runway Cop
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Samurai High School
-Snakes and Earrings
--Snakes and Earrings
-Two Weddings And A Funeral
-Lucky Seven
-A Good Day to Have An Affair
-A Werewolf Boy
--A Werewolf Boy
-Atashinchi no Danshi
-Battle Royale
-Chilling Romance
-Shitty Hanta
--Shitty Hanta
-Conan drama (Meitantei)
-Conan movie 1 (Written Challenge)
-Conan movie 4 (Kyoto Shinsengumi)
-Confession of Murder
-Death Note
-Death Note: the Last Name
-EXO Next Door
-Gokusen 1+2+specials
-Hana Yori Dango
-It's Okay, That's Love
-Mr. Brain
-Nobuta wo Produce
-One Night Only
-School 2013
-The Crucible
-Vampire Host
-White Christmas
-You Who Came From the Star + Epilogue
The Technicians 0.3
Antique Bakery
The Witness 0.1
You Who Came From the Star + Epilogue 0.9
An Actor Is An Actor
Hwayi: A Monster Boy
Witch's Romance 0.8
Moon Child
Hana Kimi drama+special 0.8
School 2013
It's Okay, That's Love
Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kanshin 2: Kyoto Inferno 1.5
Secretly Greatly
The Lover
Angry Mom
Mr. Brain
Brain Man
Joker Game
Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko 2.1
Descendants of the Sun
Bad Guys
Man on High Heels
It's Okay, That's Love
Rinne no Ame 2.1
Conan Movie 1, 2 and 4
School 2013
The King and the Clown
Fabricated City
Witch's Romance
Gokusen1 + special 1
You Who Came From the Star + special
Age of Youth
The Villainess
Descendants of the Sun
Prison Playbook

=23.57 days

Now, on to some quite fun stuff:
VIXX came to Sweden last year and I saw them.
Miyavi came to our neighbour Denmark and I saw him, my eternal music-love.
4Minute had a Showcase in Sweden, they were nice.

BTS were here and, with much trouble, I went to their concert. And they were amazing. And I'll die now.

Sungha Jung was here in September and I he was even better live than recorded!


And since you must have suffered enough if you actually got this far:



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