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Mumbai, India


Mumbai, India

As complex as simplicity can be.. that's me..


I am Amit

From aamchi (our) Mumbai

But I think I am living in Korea/Japan ; at least in each of my dream.

I have a great interest in cinema and have a peculiar interest in the stories captured in the lens which have a motive of inspiring the viewer in some way or another. Same goes with music. Be it any language or culture. I have found some of the best cinema through the eyes of Korea and Japan. Thank god I left hollywood !!

It all began in 2011 when I first came across 'A Moment to Remember' in the list of my plan to get english films on a website. But hey, isn't that a korean film ? I downloaded it and guess what, watched it 4 months later. And that was just the start of my new life. Then came 'The Classic', 'Love Phobia' and others followed "dramatically".

It was my 2nd year in college, going through final exams and I had made it a habit of finishing the 3 hr exams in 1.5 hrs each day and then rushing back to hostel to complete a new episode of an ever so wonderful drama, 'Queen In Hyun's Man'. My CGPA dropped from 9.8 in first year to 8.2 in 4th year. But hey, no regrets !! I'm enjoying my "new" life.

1st K-Movie - 'A Moment to Remember'

1st J-Movie - 'Koizora'

1st K-drama - 'City Hunter'

1st J-drama - 'Great Teacher Onizuka'

Top Favourite Film - 'One Million Yen Girl'

Top Favourite Drama - 'Kaseifu No Mita'

Other Beloved Favourites - 'I Came in Search of a Flower', 'Nobuta Wo Produce', 'I Hear Your Voice', 'Rich Man, Poor Woman'


And more to follow. :) ^^

It would look from the above pics that my favorite genre is romance, that's almost true. But romance + anything which gives a meaning to the entire story is the one I root for. I would any day take a drama with a satisfying ending giving a positive feel good vibe (whether its genre be romance or not !!) rather than a drama which looks great in the beginning few episodes but loses its steam later on or just goes haywire with its story line. That's why 'Kaseifu No Mita' stands out in my all time list as of now.

Mita san - " Miracle - Miracle is when something that would never happen under normal circumstances is made possible  by people's strong desire to make it happen. It's called a miracle because miracles do happen. It will never happen to people who have already given up on themselves."


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