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by Jay
Jul 26, 2019
10 of 10 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.5
I'll say this now, I'm not a fan of anything horror-related. If there's too much blood and gore, I want nothing to do with it. If that's the kind of show you're looking for, I don't think this is for you. Zambi is definitely more story-paced than shock factor (though there are a few scenes. But they're very few and spaced out). The Nogizaka46 girls were definitely well-casted in their roles (despite some acting flaws), and while I do enjoy the stage show, I believe the drama did things better. The tone and music in the show keep a creepy atmosphere. The story keeps you hooked in. There's only 10 episodes so you can easily binge-watch the show in less than a day. That being said, the show does feel unfinished. I hope there will be a season 2 in the future to answer questions left at the end. It's really hard to review this without giving spoilers, so I'm sorry if this review is a little lackluster. Overall, if you like Nogizaka46, want to see a horror drama without actually being scared (if you're a big chicken like me, LOL), or just want a quick drama to watch, I do recommend it. The show is good, just has some flaws!

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