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Hi! My name's Jay. I'm 22, and a sassy gay man.
I love dramas, in case you couldn't tell. xD

Main Husbands:

Dylan Wang

Johnny Huang

My Top 5 Dramas:

1. Addicted (Chinese BL Drama)

2. Pinocchio (Korean Drama)

3. Meteor Garden 2018 (Chinese Drama)

4. HIStory3: Trapped (Taiwanese BL Drama)

5. SOTUS: The Series (Along with SOTUS S and the Our Skyy episode) (Thai BL Drama)


Other Dramas I highly recommend!

Abyss (Korean Drama)

Miss in Kiss (Taiwanese Drama)

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong (Taiwanese BL Drama)

Hana Yori Dango (Japanese Drama)

Boys Over Flowers (Korean Drama)

2Moons2: The Series (Thai BL Drama)

AAAAAAAAND just for good measure, some amazing movies too!

A Werewolf Boy (Korean Movie)

Fall in Love at First Kiss (Taiwanese Movie)

Irresistible (Uncontrolled) Love (Both Movies) (Chinese BL Movie)

Also you should totally visit my besties cause they got me into dramas and they're some of the best people in my life. <3

Luisa & Monica

Love you guys so much, Saranghaeyo Oppa Forever!


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