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Nobunaga Concerto
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by Leney

Jan 1, 2015
11 of 11 episodes seen
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
First of all, I started this drama just because I had previously watched the Nobunaga Concerto anime and I was fascinated by the whole time-travelling concept that was shown, so I thought "Why not to watch the drama version too?" Before watching the anime for the first time, I made sure to read everything about Oda Nobunaga one could find online because I'm just a not the type of person who's ready for surprises and would rather get myself spoiled to the very end. The story of Oda Nobunaga is a unique one but it still remained the same as any other story about war and peace I learned from my History textbooks. However, this drama made me re-open my eyes and realise that you can't understand the whole story just by reading a little paragraph from your textbook. The characters were fully developed in my opinion and all of them had an important role at one point of the story. I like the fact that every character had their time to shine and a chance to get their own little story developed. I also liked the way Kichou was portrayed in the drama because she had a way better personality than the Kichou we could see in the anime, who could only say "My Lord!" in an irritating tone, but that may just be me. The actors were simply amazing and were one of the main reasons I started watching this drama. Oguri Shun as Oda Nobunaga/Saburo did a magnificent job and I couldn't take my eyes off Mukai Osamu and Takahashi Issei because they totally blew my mind in some scenes. I loved the ending song song, it fit almost every episode and just gave me that warm feeling as well as the soundtrack, which gave me chills every time it started playing. The only thing I didn't like is the open ending the drama has. I'd prefer it being either the death of Nobunaga/Saburo (because, nobody's immortal) or his time-travelling back to modern age. And if the producers planned to make a sequel to this drama, it would make no sense because there wouldn't be much time for important happenings in Nobunaga's life, considering this drama ended with Mitsuhide and Nobunaga being at Honno-ji. I won't say this drama is highly rewatchable, but I do plan to rewatch it someday myself. I'd recommend this drama to everyone, regardless of what type of drama you prefer.
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