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*waves awkwardly*

First of all

Thank you!! Yes, I am. I mean among other things ;)

I'm Jelena. Nice to meet you~

 I'm a drama addict and proud. I've discovered dramas like majority of you guys, by accident. It all happened one summer day of 2013, quite boring you may say. I watched a Korean movie which led me to Japanese drama Kimi Wa Petto, and I remember thinking how adorable Matsumoto Jun is as a  human pet. I know, alright. -.-" It's all in the past now. lol That's one of the first rules every drama fan learns, never try to justify a drama. Sometimes, or most of the time, it makes very little sense. Then I watched Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend and cried my heart out, which is embarrassing to admit because main actress was Ku Hye Sun. I know, I know.. >.< And last but not least I stumbled upon Korean drama Playful Kiss, one of the most commonly hated dramas of all time. So.. yeah.No, but seriously.. There was so many possibilities, dramaland is HUGE.. Couple months into my addiction and I've discovered this place which made finding dramas lot easier. Now four years, and about 400 dramas later I'm still around which makes me a true fan.  

And I'm also a kpop fan. 

Isn't that just fantastic, baby?! ;)


I plan on updating my profile some more in the future, hopefully it won't take me another 3 years this time around. Let's get along~ ♥

ps. As of 2018 I started writing down little something about dramas I watched, so check my recent list. Of course it still needs work, I try to add info whenever I have time. But it might save you some troubles, plus it's a good way for me to re-fresh my memory. It's a win-win right?! 

Now excuse me I have an appointment. 

I know what you're thinking

But don't you worry                                                  bye~                                                       



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