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It all started with the end of an episode of the British show, Misfits.  Hulu wanted to let me know that since I enjoyed Misfits, perhaps I would like to watch something called My Lovely Sam Soon.  It was a slow day at work so I had time to kill, said "Let's do this" & hit play.  Got 2 or 3 episodes watched at work & as soon as I got home I jumped right back online for more and somewhere around 4am came up for air & was like, "I don't know what rabbit hole I have just jumped down but I LIKE IT!"  

That was 400+ shows & movies ago.  My new found passion for all things Korean branched out into KPop when I discovered that some of these actors were musicians, too. A few of my current faves are Epik High, BTS, Big Bang, Jay Park, DFD, Primary, Beenzino, Dynamic Duo, f(x) & Hyukoh...   ^_^


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