The Rise of" Prestige" Makjang

Only the "Polished" dramas, not the makjang ones (aka no Penthouse).  Use makjang elements in a more subtle way to explore societal issues. Tends to concern marriage, motherhood, education, social mobility, gender, class, education, morality, sex etc. etc. Includes various genres including noir, comedy, satire, melodrama, thriller, psychological, mystery, romance etc.  Always oriented around the domestic, the intimate and the private.  Interested in the darkness,  the secrets, the taboos, the dangerous, the scandalous....Usually led by middle-aged middle-class women (30s to 50s). There are so of course exceptions to be made.

Also including certain inspirations for the genre (i.e. The Housemaid)

 Makjang is a Korean slang term used for extreme, over-the-top elements of a show that isn’t likely to happen in real life. Usually, makjang dramas have over-exaggerated plotlines involving birth secrets, false identities, amnesia, adultery, revenge, murder, and more (from:

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