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Nang Rai Tee Rak thai drama review
Nang Rai Tee Rak
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by Azet
Sep 14, 2019
12 of 12 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
One of the very typical aspects of a Thai Lakhorn are the female antagonists that does everything to make the FM`s life miserable.They are called "Nang Rai". The FM in this lakhorn works as a actress with the Nang Rai roles,and are the most famous Nang Rai in the entertainment industry whose adoptive mother dies early in the story.Her name is Pimchanok,and she only entered into showbiz to find her long lost sister Nam..who she soon finds out got killed near a abandoned pond. The murderer knows Pimchanok are investigating Nam`s death together with her manager and gay side-kick Jae...and sends out threats to stop her. Our handsome ML, the efficient lieutenant Natee has to step forward to become her bodyguard.


Kimberly Ann Voltemas are known for her sassy and bratty roles as a rich heiress Nangek roles (like in "Rang Prattana" and "Buang Hong") and i can honestly say no one could have done better the portrayal of Pimchanok better than her.Kimmy shows Pim`s spirit and stubborness through her cold manevours,and her vulnerability and longing through her soul-ful eyes and tears,and does find deep emotional dvelopement througout this story.She is a brave and noble heroine that are willing to risk her own life to find justice for the people she loves. And i totally loved the clothes she wore as Pim.

Boy Pakorn (i also love him in "4 Hearts behind the Mountains") gives out his harder and more serious side in his portrayal of Lieutenant Natee, who against his will have to become Pim`s bodyguard.His work is his life,and together with his more carefree cousin Tiger,he never hesitates to take on dangerous missions to save people.We watch him change through his love for Pim,and being the first man who stands up against her bitchiness,he is also the one who always have to save her ass when she brings trouble to herself.

Not Vorarit plays the loyal gay-side-kick in the character of Jae Charlee who supports Pimchanok on every nail and tooth.He is the funny and flirty male-friend everyone wish for,and i just loved his sassyness and humor.He is 10 times more girly than Pim ever was,and i love how Natee and Tiger was joke-threatening to scare him off his gay-flirting,haha!

The veteran actress Yardthip Rachapol plays the gentle but mysterious co-star of Pim,Nethkamon who does appear to be nice and proper from the start.She falls in love with Natee after he saves her,but knowing that Natee and Pim love each other,she suffers from unrequited love.

The paranormal element comes with the ghost of Nam played by Belle Nanthikarn who grew up with Pim together in the orphanage but gets adopted earlier than Pim,therefore they got separated.She is the most pitiful and tragic character in the whole story,and becomes a guide in her ghost-form for Pim to find the real culprit.She is said to have been loved and wanted by many men during her life,among them Danai and Pipat,but according to my opinion she had only been the release of their lust.They never did anything to protect and cherish her,and never sought out any revenge or justice for her much for their "love".I can feel for Pim`s pain in losing her only sister and friend she ever had.I do feel for the loss of Nam`s tragic fate.She had suffered so much in life.


Boy and Kimmy have amazing chemistry on-screen,and delivered the dynamics well between Pim and Natee. We love how they fight,bicker and kiss. Together with the supporting character,we root for this couple from the start. The second lead romance are between Tiger and Orn-they were so cute! I just love their natural friends-to-lovers romance. I can also hope that Jae will find his soulmate soon....he damn well deserves it!

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