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Texas, USA


Texas, USA

My motto in life is "Choose Happiness."- I try not to let anything bring me down and I try to find the positive or happy side of everything. Life is far too short to not be happy.

I am relatively new to kdramas - only been watching since 2013 and since my first one  I have been addicted. Its hard to explain to other people, who can't understand why I am into shows in another language, but I assume the rest of you on here understand what I am talking about. 

Since finding Kdramas I have been keeping my own list and reviews of what I have watched. I am so happy to have come across MDL and to be able to keep it all organized here.

Other interest:

-Photography (Not a professional by any standards)

-Education (I am a teacher)

-Travel (I have been to 12 different countries- so many more I want to see)

-Writing (nothing published)

-Real estate( I am a licensed agent)

-Adventure (I like to do new things and go new places)

-Food (I am a foodie I like to try new kinds)

Be My Friend :)

On twitter @kira8P

GooglePlus: KiRa Park


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