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Hello friends, I came to this drama world in the year 2014 when I was introduced by my first kdrama Boys Over flower by some of my friends. At that time I didnot had a laptop so I loved listening to story of BOF from one of my frnd. I was mesmerized by the world of kdrama and entered in it. Then I saw my drama that was heartstrings, I have many memories associated with it. I can't control my felling when a sad scene comes or when cute scenes comes. I cried my all heart for this  series. Then I saw many good korean series like lie to me, playful kiss, heirs, etc, etc. Then my frnd showed me LoveO2O and I got mesmerized by chinese actors, then I started to watch chinese drama. Then I got to know about Taiwanese drama. My favourite are- wanna be a superstar and behind your smile and I also liked other drama. I also liked watching anime earlier so I am also a fan of Japanese movies like your name (animation movie), evergreen love(love for the weeds), say I love you (first japanese movie which I saw), and many more. At that time I was in love with japanese movies. I also tried to watch japanese drama but only found a little subbed. Then I came back to watch Chinese  and taiwanese drama and watched - love me if you dare,  marry me if you can, when a snail falls in love, etc... Then I went to watch Thai series. I loved the slap kiss concept, also liked the U prince series. And then I am always looking for good thai lakorn.


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