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France / Germany


France / Germany

Hi there !


My real name is Charlotte and "Lotta" is one of my nicknames (and my favourite) !
I am a French girl currently busying herself with her (maybe) last year of studies and with trying to soon get her driving licence (*cries*) !

(I'm sorry for that but mostly due to lack of time I'm not very active on the feeds.)

My drama experience :
I started as an anime fan but I came to the point where I got so hooked on J-dramas that I now even slightly feel repulsion for what I was first so passionate about. I came to realize that although anime got me interested in the culture of Japan, it also made me misunderstand and neglect its people. I very much enjoy some more realism ! I enjoy seeing real things (delicious food <3), real landscapes and real Japanese people, even if just through a screen.
I also occasionally watch K-dramas and C-dramas.

My very first drama was Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, which I found totally randomly on Dailymotion and which successfully entertained me (that was in August 2013), so following this I kept on watching dramas, even though I had a slow start, and I must say that discovering MDL really made things easier for me !
(It did for all of us, right ?)

Favourite genres :
Life, Food, Family, Comedy (+ Music, Romance, Drama)



Actors :
That may be particular, or not, but I really like when actors have a distinctive voice ! A few examples would be Tamaki Hiroshi, Eguchi Yosuke, Ohno Satoshi, Kiritani Kenta, Sakai Masato and Maki Yoko. Of course that's not all that interests me in an actor (proof is that Sakai Masato isn't one of my favourites at all) but that might play an important role in the interest I have in them / the characters they play.

✿ Characters I particularly like ✿

Coup de coeur of the moment :
Suda Masaki

My other hobbies are eating and playing video games !
At the moment I mostly play Heroes of the Storm, Eco and Return of the Obra Dinn, but also some others from time to time.

More importantly, feel free to add me if we have some common interests and come talk to me whenever you feel like it c(: !



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