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Japanese dramas addict and 嵐 fan.

Hello !こんにちは!

I’m kinda old school in my presentation so please, bear with me…

French drama watcher for 9 years already, a proud member of this cummunity (though I don't like communities in general), which has become my shelter for many years, and probably older than many of MDLers. I am open to any kind of discussion, but despite not being an assertive person, I have strong positions on many subjects, and I very unlikely change my mind on major topics (dramas aren’t a major topic, no matter what). I can be very talkative (I’m trying my best not to be overwhelming) but also have a tendency to not say a word for several months. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk, that doesn’t mean I don’t think about you, but I might be caught up with RL problems (aka work) and I need a lot of time to write in English. Ah! And be aware that I am a narcissist and also clumsy in human relationships, particularly through the computer, so I might end hurting some people without even noticing it. I apologize in advance. 

I’m also a nostalgic person. And that’s precisely what led me there. From nostalgia for old anime (the japanese ones from the 70es and 80es), I switched to appetite for modern time japanese dramas. At first (autumn of 2010), it was out of curiosity, wondering if current asian dramas are as bad as the older one I was remembering and cherishing ( Choudenshi Sentai Bioman ). Fortunately, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (my first asian drama of the new generation) was crazy and entertaining enough to make me stick to this world, for my own damnation, and my very big pleasure!

Throughout the years, my tastes in dramas changed. At first, I watched all the most ranked dramas of Dramacrazy website without discrimination. From that era, Nobuta wo produce and its wonderful friendship among main characters remains one of my favorites, and Akira entered my character’s pantheon. From high school dramas, I then switched to more “serious” ones, and discovered that I’m particularly enjoying Japanese slices of life, a genre I would avoid at all costs from any western country. One of my favorite (and not very well known) drama of the genre is Princess Maison, which managed to maintain an impressive balance between a very slow slice of life full of reverie and the building of deep and unexpected relationships between totally different characters that should have never met. It’s one of those heartwarming drama that catch you out of guard.

If I’ve always been a sucker for mystery, suspense and crime series, and I’m watching tons of them, with very different vibes and tones (from the foolish episodic Keishicho Zero Gakari to the amazingly well done WOWOW dramas I discovered thanks to fellow MDLers), japanese dramas also taught me that even economical subject can be incredibly captivating (Hanzawa Naoki).

I’m avoiding romances, and if I’m falling for some Korean ones once in a while, I’m trying my best not to watch too many of them: romance dramas have a tendency to makes me fall into depression. And as I am a very shallow person, I’m trying my best to hide it by not watching those shallow dramas…

Even if I sometimes try to venture beyond my comfort zone, I’m not the kind to watch a drama because some niche actors are in it. I’m okay with artsy movies or dramas, but they have to appeal to me in some kind of way, which is not that easy as I do have a very plain life. Quartet managed to do so. I sometimes find it hard to relate to even normal dramas, no need to say I’m not feeling concerned by characters or stories which are just there for torturing your mind.

That being said, Japanese dramas taught me that even plots that are not attracting can make me end loving the story (Liar Game, Ninkyo Helper…)

Meanwhile, I also realized I still have a liking for weird ugly aliens, giant robots, bad acting and awful special effects (i.e. tokusatsus).

All in all, I don’t really have favorite genre (but I don’t watch horror things), but human relationships are what interest me. I’m always in if there is friendship (bromance is a bonus), and I’d rather a good friendship story than any romance. Japan has a very special way on describing it that always moves me. I’m enjoying dramas that focused on several characters, and I’m always delighted by strong second and supportive roles (I’m even okay with second lead syndrome).

I don’t have a rating system either. If I finish a drama, it somehow entertains me. I tend to rate high things I fully enjoyed AND/OR things that have a special topic AND/OR when actors really deliver. On the other side, I can rate down dramas that I liked, because there is a difference (at least in my mind) between what I find enjoying and what is a quality product. Of course, in a perfect world I would only watch quality products, but well, I’m just myself...

I’ve talked a lot about japanese dramas because they are my main watching materials. But to my very own surprise, I discovered during autumn 2018 that Thai Boys’ love dramas have a very relaxing effect on me. Despite being from very different qualities (though generally bad, let’s be honest), they somehow managed to make me forget all my worries, things that even Japanese dramas did not manage to do. They became my guilty pleasure.

If I’ve talked a lot about Japanese dramas, that’s also because dramas led me to Japan. Literally. I went there for the first time in 2011, after the Tohoku earthquake, and that was the most wonderful trip in my life. This country has a very appeasing effect on me, and that trip literally saved my life as I was totally at a loss at the time. Since 2011, I took a nice pacing as I’m going there every two years.

You can find some daily reports and photos (mostly for my family) of my last trips here: 2017 and 2019.

And Japanese dramas led me to . I won’t repeat how much I love these five guys together. I’m aware they are not the best actors ever (well, Nino is pretty awesome though), but I’m always enjoying them in their dramas, and they sometimes were able to amaze me (Sakurai in Kazoku Game). I’m enjoying them even more in their TV shows. Their music is by no mean outstanding, and the way they are managed by their agency is only appealing to shallow sides of people (hence mine), but I’m forgiving everything because they are giving me and other fans so many joys. They have taken such a big place in my life (and on my shelves too). Worst part is I’m not even ashamed about it.

I’m not confident that anyone would read until the end, but if so, thanks a lot. I leave you with some characters that moved me throughout the years, in no particular order (and yeah, you can assume I also -or mainly?- like the actors too).

And I feel the need to profess how strong the impact of SOTUS was on my life. Its characters moved me so much I even created a blog to make an article about it. The blog is still waiting for other entries, but the very first is still there (be careful, it’s full of spoilers from seasons 1 and 2). Most of all, Sotus set up a new standard for romance dramas, and the good combination of cuteness and realistic parts makes it a serie hard to surpass in many points. Heterosexual romances have yet to move me as much as this one.

Edit : november 2019

Before using it as my username on this site and for my online life, Sumi was the name of my late cat, a dear creature that shared 9 years of my life, awoke me at night because he felt the urge to hunt, "talked" to everybody who was friendly enough to let him rub their legs, and  came to pick me at work. It’s been two years since he has departed, I’m still missing him a lot, but he was my pride and I’m happy to be reminded of him whenever I’m logging in. 

Avi: Daniel Buren,Les trois cabanes éclatées en une (the three cabans)

, 1999, LAM Lille Métropole. (Photo is mine)


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