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Hello and Welcome !

Proud member or the heartwarming MDL community
since 2012
Long term

 嵐 fan

Japanese dramas addict

Occasionnal Thai BL watcher

Inadvertantly converted to the
Chinese Lost Tomb adventures
Appointed as
- translator in 2020
- editor in 2021.

I don't have any rating system. I try to be objective, but the shows that make my heart beat faster can gain emotional high value, hence stars.
I'm not biting, so feel free to talk to me and send messages.
Don't expect too quick answers, as I'm also busy in real life.
If you want to send friend's request, be aware I tend to accept the ones from people who share the same interests.
No need to send friend's request for asking a question
or for the editing process.

Other things : 

I don't like spoilersI generally adore second (male) leadsFriendship over romance,
Older than most
of MDL users


"I don't want to be locked in the glass box. Although I may never be able to go to the other side, I want to stay free."


Sumi was the name of my late cat, he was my pride and I’m happy to be reminded of him whenever I’m logging in. 

Edit : January 2023


Profile pic. : Daniel Buren, Les trois cabanes éclatées en une (The three cabans), 1999, LAM Lille Métropole. (Photo is mine)


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