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Skip Beat!
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by Lovegood

May 24, 2012
15 of 15 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
I definitely love this drama as much as I loved the ANIME! At first I doubted if I should watch this drama since I really love the anime/manga and I don't want to be disappointed seeing the actors/actresses ruin the story. But since I really love the story I watched it... and I made the RIGHT CHOICE! This drama was definitely a SUCCESSFUL one! For the story, I must compliment that they gave justice to the original story... They haven't made a lot of changes... almost the same, so much like the anime, but still, definitely worth watching. For the actors, I really love the character of Tsuruga Ren in the anime (Dung He Lian in this drama), and I should say Choi Si Won has portrayed Ren's character well (just don't mind the voice dubbing). And I also did love how Ivy Chen portrayed Kyoko. Dong Hae was not bad as well... I really loved how all the cast portrayed their individual roles... Music was definitely cool and awesome. Rewatch value (though I usually don't rewatch dramas), I would definitely watch this again after a couple of years... Overall, this was great! You would definitely laugh your heart out! You'll enjoy watching this and for those who have watched the anime, you would enjoy this as much as you've enjoyed the anime version... I definitely want to see a second season of this drama where they could include a lot more of scenes/story from the MANGA...
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