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On my bed with a laptop for some drama time


On my bed with a laptop for some drama time
Once Upon a Time
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by Meg

Aug 14, 2017
Overall 7.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Finally got to see the movie!!!! I kinda understand why people have been complaining about the choppy script-writing. The plot might be slightly hard to follow if one doesn't know the story-line though the original complex plot has been cut down a lot and simplified. As I have seen the drama and read the novel just felt like they took half of the drama and half of the book and crammed it into the movie. But it wasn't that bad a watch.The story mostly followed the novel..... with its jumping story-line compared to the linear timeline in the drama. Some things were quite new to watch...for example...the spirit forms of the immortals were shown more in the movie and the Eastern Sea palace was actually underwater!!(maybe because they had more budget for CGI). The costumes of a few of the characters were a bit overdone and bordering on weird. (Was Zhe Yan really supposed to be that........ glamorous?and the Demon Queen!!....LOL) Acting of the two leads were quite good in their own way. The chemistry was good too. But all the other characters kinda faded to the background. With the time limit and complex plot there was no time for development of the supporting characters. I would have loved more of AhLi (one of my fav character in the drama :D ). Overall...No regrets in watching it. It was nice to see the amazing story in another perspective. I would definitely recommend the drama-fans to give it a try. As for new people.... watch this...and then go straight to the drama if you want more...and maybe then to the book!!! PS: Bai Qian has a serious drinking problem in the movie. She was a frequent alcoholic in the drama too but in the movie almost every scene has her holding a peach wine bottle. Even one of the promotional posters has her holding a wine bottle. ROFL.
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