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hi all my name is Mona i don't know where to start
i'm watching k-drama since 8 years ago it started with autumn tale then winter sonata then sad love story thats my 1st three dramas then i got in love with asian dramas
i like dramas more than movies i think that they are the best in dramas but i can hardly find a good movie from time to time
i watched alot i'll try to add them as soon as i can lazy to do that :D )

- i started to watch Japanese , Taiwanese dramas lately =)
-i love comedy , romance , action , adventurous dramas and i hate the extreme horror (bloody ones)

-about k-pop i like super junior , shinee ,  2pm ,  2am , MBLAQ , girls generation and of course SE7EN
and i love every good song whoever sings it
when it comes to music i listen to all types Indian ,Turkish ,french ,Asian , American
PS: i love Indian and American movies

Feel free to add me and plz don't leave before you write your recommendations


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