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New Delhi, India


New Delhi, India
Hello everyone! Rika here. Well, it is my nickname that I use online in social networking sites and places like MDL. My real name is Priyanka, and I'm from India. I don't mind what people call me as long as it is not offensive. However, I do despise the shortened version of my name- Priya, that is. I can be defined as a shy person. No, I'm not an outcast though. I do have some good friends. I have got a loving family as well. I guess I have everything that one needs in order to live. So what else do I need? Oh yes, oxygen, water and cake xD I don't have a good record when it comes to socializing in real life. As I said, I am shy and take some time to open to others. At our first meeting, I may be quiet and seem to be a bit unfriendly to you but the thing is, I don't talk much if I don't get to know you well for some time. But once I know you well, I can be over-friendly which I think is my weakness as often I find myself being taken advantage of. I can be obnoxious at times without me being aware. Though I don't get angry much but when I do, it is dangerous B-) I also tend to be clumsy sometimes. My interests basically include reading, writing, anime, manga, sketching and since this year- dramas. I'm not much of an athletic person but I love playing basketball and volleyball. My iPOD has more of Japanese and Korean Pop music than English or anything else :D For now, my goal is to do Honors in English and get a job in which I am interested (and pays me well xD). Perhaps, I'll be visiting Japan and South Korea in the future with my family. That said, I'll conclude my biography here :)


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