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Annyeong-haseyo, Yeoreobun! Jeoneun Romi imnida. (Thats kinda as far as my Korean goes but I'm still learning) :)

 I first got introduced to K-Drama in late 2008 and I thought I had gone to heave. lol Though there were subtitles that were a pain to follow at times, I eventually got used to it and it was Awesome. I did not watch a lot of K-Dramas in (2011-2012) but In Mid 2013, I met a friend who is responsible for my New found "dedication" to K-Dramas again ;). I also became a K-Pop fan and will list my fave. groups


My First and Favorite Drama of all time is *Boys Over Flowers*: I have literally watched all versions of this drama (K-D, T-D, J-D)... The first Korean names that stuck with me *Gum Jan Di & Gu Joon Pyo* ... I loved them in the Drama.

My Favorite was the K-Drama Version and Hence why Lee Min Ho is my bias, in literally every drama he's been in. 

2) My Second Favorite drama is Heirs (Again, Lee Min ho) lol

3) Empress Ki : Though the Drama is still ongoing, I fall in love with it with every Episode. Ha Ji Won has become one of my favorite actresses. She amazes me with every drama she's in. Though I wasn't a huge fan of his after watching *Frozen Flower*, Joo Jin Mo has a potential in becoming a favorite actor in my top 5-10 list. Their Epic performance forced me to watch the drama with out subs at times. lol

4) My Fourth Favorite Drama has to be *Secret Garden*: Again, Ha Ji Won is wonderful in this drama. And I must say, she's got a skill in playing a male character :D

5) Secret Love is my next Favorite. I became a fan of Ji Sung and Jung Eum in this drama. Every Episode was just amazing and loved every bit of it. My favorite has to be the Car kiss... that was the first time every they both showed their feelings to each other by acting on it... well Ji Sung Deff. did lol.

I was going to make this top 5 but Have add these two...

6) Master's Sun: That drama had me rolling on the floor at every turn. So Ji Sub is hilarious. My introduction to him as an actor was when he stared in "Sorry, I Love You"- Kong Hyo Jin brings in the "care free" feel to the drama and it turned out great. Was sad to see it end but over all it was a great drama.

7) After a long debate, with myself, the last drama I'm gonna add would have to be Gu Family Book. This drama has everything in it. It's HIStorical, Supernatural, Sizzling Hot actors (Lee Seung Gi and Choi Jin Hyuk) to name a few. Fell in love with Seung Gi in King2Hearts and I always hoped Jin Hyuk Oppa would get a lead role because he's so talented and of course adorable.


1) G-Dragon : He's unique, talented rapper, producer and song writer, and has great taste in style. His album is the only album from Kpop world that I have. His latest Coup D'état is awesome. His stage presence is wonderful.

2) BIGBANG : My Bias (G-Dragon/ Ji Yong), T.O.P Oppa, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri. Fantastic Baby always plays in my head and love how diverse they are in their music production.

3) EXO: This group Wow'd me with their Growl MV. 12 guys dancing in MV that was filmed in ONE shot, without any mistake... Kudos to them. Will Deff. follow their career.

4) BI *Rain*: This man just exudes sexiness. A great Actor too (Full House) 

Will add more a little later but for now this is my list! 


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