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Hello!! My name is Addy and I've been a drama addict for about 2.5yrs now. My First drama was Boys Over Flowers  and yes I was #TEAM JI-HOO initially then converted to #TEAM LEE MIN HO after seeing Kim Hyun Joongs acting skill in Playful Kiss. (2nd drama I watched) 

As much as I fangirl, I think talent does play a major role and I can proudly say that all my favorite actors are exceptional actors. 

So In my world K-dramaland is a battle ground between me and my sister. We each have our own players and will kill if the other dares to go near or worse like them... It's always worked out between us because we've never liked the same actors except for Lee min Ho. which is okay. but as of lately, we've ran into problems with Yoochun and have yet to decide who should get him. so far, I claim Yoochun because I found him first...

My Four Leading Men

                                                                             ××SAFE ZONE××
                   MY(ADDY) ARMY                                                       FUMI'S ARMY

             ~~~High Ranked Soldiers~~~                              ~~~High Ranked Soldiers~~~ 

       ®Lee Min Ho *(exception)*                                     ©Lee Min Ho *(exception)*               

®Lee Seung Gi                                                       ©Jung Il Woo

®Joo Won                                                                 ©Kim Jae Won

®Park Yoochun                                                                 ©Ji Sung

~~Lee Min Ho is both our Kdrama first love~~

~~~Mid-Ranked Soldiers~~~                                    ~~~Mid-Ranked Soldiers~~~

®Jae Hee                                                                ©Park Shi Hoo

® Hyun Bin                                                             ©No Min Woo

® Jang Geun Suk                                                       ©Park Ki woong

® Lee Sang Yoon (Daughter Seo Young)                          ©Kang Ji Hwan

                                ®Kim Hyun Joong                                                            ©Lee Dong Wook 

                              ® Sung Joon ( SUFBB & CWGM)                                          © Song Joong Ki                    

                             ® Lee Min Ki (SUFBB)                                                                                                                                       

                                ®Woo Bin 

                               ® Gong Yoo



~~~Lower-Ranked Soldiers~~~                                ~~~Lower-Ranked Soldiers~~~

® Lee Jang Woo ( I Do, I Do)                                         ©Kim Bum

® Choi Minho (To the Beautiful You)                              ©Kim Soo Hyun

® Yeo Jin Goo (Moon/Sun)                                     ©Kim Ji Suk (Personal Taste)

® Seo In Guk (Reply 1997)                                                   ©Lee Ki Woon

® Sung Hoon (New Tales of Ginseng, Faith)               ©Jung Yong Hwa( You're Beautiful)

                           ®Jung Eul Chul ( SUFBB)                                          ©Song Chang Ui (Heart Strings)

                            ®Yoo Seung Ho       


                                ® Choi Jin Hyuk 

                              ® Kim Ji Hoon  


*Park Yoochun ** he's mine tho

* Kim Young Kwang (love rain and CWGM) 

* Woo Bin ( School 2013)

 If a war broke out who's team would you pick?


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