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Paris, France.


Paris, France.

Hello !

My name's Laura and I've been watching dramas continuously for three years now.

It's been a long time so I don't really remember but I think the first drama I watched was Hana Kimi, but I  didn't like it, didn't like the main guy, didn't like the eccentric side of the show so I dropped it after a few ep. Even now I still don't understand people's passion for this drama. Then someday I watched Full House and then Boys Before Flowers but I don't know why I didn't yearn for more at this time. Anyway the drama that got me hooked was Secret Garden.

My favorite genre is tragedy but it shouldn't be too heavy and too dragging, it has to be touching and meaningful. I prefer tragedy over comedy because I think making people laugh is very easy while you've got to be really good to make people cry. But that doesn't mean I don't like comedies !

My favorite kind of story : Revenge stories. All types of revenge ^^

I dislike when people cry too much, too loudly and too often in dramas, it is more meaningful to me when sadness is kept silent. I don't like it as well when the camera focuses too much on useless characters. I hate nonsensical and too eccentric plots.

Actors I don't like : Kim Sa Rang, Kim Jung Eun, Jang Geun Seok, Lim Su Jeong, Jin Se Yun... and surely there is more but I can't remember them now.

Well that's pretty much all there is to say I think, feel free to befriend me :).


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