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                                                                      Hello! ( 안녕하세요!)


I just finished my Bachelor of Arts at University, and I have a Combined Honours in English Literature and Women's and Gender Studies. I have a Masters degree in Feminist and Gender Studies. I'm easy going, creative, and (almost always) deconstructive by nature.

I am learning Korean!! After several years I'm interested in becoming fluent.

I can read 한글 and I'm learning something new every day!

I've been watching East Asian dramas for about 6 years now.

I love watching anime, reading manga and I have plans to travel around the world (hopefully, when student debt isn't weighing me down). Japan, of course, being a priority destination ^^ but I would love to visit Thailand, New Zealand, Peru, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Scotland, South Africa, and Singapore.  

My first drama I finished was Boys Before Flowers, and I've been watching dramas since then.

I enjoy writing, reading, drawing/art, drinking tea, and meeting new people 

All in all, nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting my profile! Feel free to send a friend request!!! 

My Ratings:

10: PERFECTO. I loved everything about this drama/film/special. I couldn't find a reason to rate it any lower. There was most likely something special about it that I really enjoyed.

9-9.5: I reallly love the series or film, there were probably a few things I would have added, and it would have been closer to a ten.

8-8.5: I liked the series, or film that I watched. I probably thought there wasn't something overtly unique about the series that made me feel like I could genuiely rate it higher. The 'WOW' factor wasn't there as much as my above 9 ratings were.

7-7.5: MEH. I hate to say it, but I persevered to the end to watch it, but it didn't make me feel like I was just as engaged as the other films/series I've highly rated. I usually think they're 'good.' I probably found the plot unoriginal, or even if it was unoriginal, it didn't pique my interest as much as I hoped. Or there were moments where I thought I would rate it higher, but something realllly disappointed me and I couldn't shake it off. Speaking of disappointment...

6-6.5: I completed the series, and I didn't feel the magic, or I was GETTING VERY ANNOYED BY EVERYTHING. But the drama-centric person I am wanted to finish it. It didn't catch my interest most likely, but it was 'watchable,' and there might have been a few things I wanted to wait to see what happened at the end.

Anything below a 6: I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I will admit I used to finish dramas/films because I started watching them, but now I have no issues with dropping. Usually these series contain problematic themes or tropes I didn't agree with, is poorly executed, has obsessive and awful characters, or it just overall didn't make me feel good. 

However, if I do drop a series (and I don't drop them all because I would rate them lower than a 5), I wouldn't mind going back to it in time (if I ever get inspired, or want to give it a second chance?)


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