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                                                                      Hello! ( 안녕하세요!)


I just finished my Bachelor of Arts at University, and I have a Combined Honours in English Literature and Women's and Gender Studies. I have a Masters degree in Feminist and Gender Studies. I'm easy going, creative, and (almost always) deconstructive by nature.

I am learning Korean!! After several years I'm interested in becoming fluent.

I can read 한글 and I'm learning something new every day!

I've been watching East Asian dramas for about 5 years now.

I love watching anime, reading manga and I have plans to travel around the world (hopefully, when student debt isn't weighing me down). Japan, of course, being a priority destination ^^ but I would love to visit Thailand, New Zealand, Peru, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Scotland, South Africa, and Singapore.  I am also a fan of Running Man!  I've only watched my favourites for the past year but I decided last summer to watch all the episodes that have aired and so far I'm about 3/4 done. My first drama I finished was Boys Before Flowers, and I've been watching dramas since then.

I enjoy writing, reading, drawing/art, drinking tea, and meeting new people 

All in all, nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting my profile! Feel free to send a friend request!!! 

Additional Dramas Favourites:      

Mondai no Aru Restaurant, Pinocchio, Dear Sister, The Lover, Nodame Cantabile, Emergency Couple, Bitter Blood, Hi My Sweetheart, Arang and the Magistrate, In Time With You, Akai Ito, Falling For Innocence, and Fated To Love You.

My Ratings:

10: PERFECTO. I loved everything about this drama/film/special. I couldn't find a reason to rate it any lower. There was most likely something special about it that I really enjoyed.

9-9.5: I reallly love the series or film, there were probably a few things I would have added, and it would have been closer to a ten.

8-8.5: I liked the series, or film that I watched. I probably thought there wasn't something overtly unique about the series that made me feel like I could genuiely rate it higher. The 'WOW' factor wasn't there as much as my above 9 ratings were.

7-7.5: MEH. I hate to say it, but I persevered to the end to watch it, but it didn't make me feel like I was just as engaged as the other films/series I've highly rated. I usually think they're 'good.' I probably found the plot unoriginal, or even if it was unoriginal, it didn't pique my interest as much as I hoped. Or there were moments where I thought I would rate it higher, but something realllly disappointed me and I couldn't shake it off. Speaking of disappointment...

6-6.5: I completed the series, and I didn't feel the magic, or I was GETTING VERY ANNOYED BY EVERYTHING. But the drama-centric person I am wanted to finish it. It didn't catch my interest most likely, but it was 'watchable,' and there might have been a few things I wanted to wait to see what happened at the end.

Anything below a 6: I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I will admit I used to finish dramas/films because I started watching them, but now I have no issues with dropping. Usually these series contain problematic themes or tropes I didn't agree with, is poorly executed, has obsessive and awful characters, or it just overall didn't make me feel good. 

However, if I do drop a series (and I don't drop them all because I would rate them lower than a 5), I wouldn't mind going back to it in time (if I ever get inspired, or want to give it a second chance?)


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