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Hana(ko); doramaddictedsince2010


It started with HanaYoriDango. 


"We have the same fate with the wrong person."

romance, action, mistery and time travels.

Who am I?
I am a 24 yo girl who likes to watch dramas at night. 
I enjoy on-air dramas when I am busy and old dramas when I have plenty of time.
Sometimes, I just enjoy both.
Sometimes I come to dislike most of the popular and hyped dramas, I honestly don't get the hype beyond DOTS and Boys Over Flowers (I may like the actors, but not the dramas) .

How do I rate dramas?
I'm long past the "eyecandy", " fav idol in", "new genre" drama phases. Something has to be really entertaining to be rated high by me. This doesn't mean I'm some kind of expert in drama/movie production, tho. I just rate high what 1. matches my personality and 2. I think is good as a whole product (acting, music, plot, storytelling, dialogues, locations, shooting etc.).I tend to finish dramas even tho I'm not enjoying them a lot. 
Find really hard to give dramas rating under 5/10. If you find one, it means to me it was totally unwatchable. 

2017 Drama Watching Challenge

  • Starting date: 19/02/2017
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Completed dramas at sign-up for the challenge: 123
  • Completed movies at sign-up for the challenge: 69
  • Progress: 16/40

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