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Hi :)

~~WelcomeToMyProfile ~~

I am Safae ,i love watching drama/movie i don't care about genre ( except  zombie/ horror it's rare for me to wath it) and language happy sad as long as i like the story .

i grow up watching movie/tv show (egyptian syrian bollywood turkish also telenovela) i didn't know about korean/japanese/chinese drama until 2009 i found full house it was my first korean drama after that i  got hooked to it. 

Favorite Actors  :    http://mydramalist.com/list/D3mayEW3
Favorite Drama  :    http://mydramalist.com/list/71NkoMZL
Favorite Movie   :    http://mydramalist.com/list/Y4a6v951

My Favorite Actors of All Time : 


He's a living legend

whenever i see Jackie Chan  a lot of happy memories come to my mind i used to watch his movie with my family member at night it was good old days 


      i'm really a huge fan of shahrukh khan i watched almost all of hisl  movies     


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I also like kpop i discovered it in 2010 when i watched a drama heechul acted in it . yeah i'm an ELF a huge fan of super junior i watched all of their variety show back then my first kpop song was sorry sorry.



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