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Well nothing much to say about me ^^ I just love watching funny dramas and bl ( I'm addicted to it !!)

So let me  show you my way to rank dramas (pretty original ^^) 

3- = This drama is SO bad , waste of time , shouldn't be on the market it's so bad ( Cutter, rainbow age)

3 = Simply bad drama (amphetamine, Gay ok Bangkok, Gray secret, love place)

Between 3 and 8 (3 and 8 not in count) = Average , not so bad but still not good, nothing special ( Feel good to say goodbye, bite fight, attraction, a frozen flower, the raccoon, train to busan, ...)

8 = Simply good drama (Sotus, addicted heroin, failing in love with a rival, love sick, Love's coming, ...)

8+ = Wow , this was very good , even SENSATIONAL (8+ is given to original plot and VERY good drama) (night flight, seven days, doushitemo furetakunai, History: obsessed)

10 = Freaking masterpiece that messed me up for days it was so good, probably the best drama i would ever see ( Grey rainbow, Sunny)


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