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Hi, I am Erika, or you can call me REIKA.

I am from the Philippines.

I am a single, working mom.

I've been watching Asian Dramas, 2006 as far as I can remember. There are local stations from my country that shows Chinese/Taiwanese dramas dubbed in our native language.

I only started watching religiously, since I " met" Takuya.

I've been a fan of ANIME since around 1998 or so. 

I love everything JAPANESE. Anime, Dramas, movies, music and its culture.


I am a HUGE, and I mean HUGE Kimura Takuya fan. He's MY Takuya. LOL.

What's not to love about him?

He plays the piano, the guitar, he sings, he plays theharmonica, and he's a great actor.

He's hot.

Have you seen his smirk? Oh my God, it's life.

How about his smile? *wipes drool*

Fave Series:

Nankyoku Tairiku, GOOD Luck!!,  Ando Lloyd: AI Knows Love?, Mr. Brain and CHANGE (I soooo LOVE his curly hair)



But I love almost all his series/movies except the Million Stars Falling From the Sky due to Miwa.

                                             Fave Songs:

2 CM and Life is Like a Boat by Rie Fu

I also like Captain Takuya's song Special.

I like the reggae-y beat it has.

Also, Koe No Melody and Kimi Ga Iru from Takuya Kimura as well.

I also like SMAP's Dynamite, Crazy 5, Lion Heart, Best Friends and  Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana

Fave Singer/s:

Kimura Takuya, May J, RADWIMPS, Imai Miki and Hirahara Ayaka, Beverly and Little Glee Monster

Fave Movie:

Blade of the Immortal

Fave Actor:

Kimura Takuya (isn't it obvious?)

Fave Actress:

I am choosing between Yonekura Ryoko, Shibasaki Kou and Matsu Takako


Criminal for the Prosecution

Masquerade Hotel

Fave Japanese FOOD:
Shouyu Ramen and Asian/California Maki


Tony Tony Chopper (key chain & plushies)


Learning Nihongo via Minna No Nihongo

Also watches Japanese Ammo (Misa) on my free time


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