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United Kingdom


United Kingdom


Haylee | 25 | United Kingdom

January 2010: Asian dramas found their way into my heart.

When I'm not watching Asian dramas you will find me:

  • Editing music videos
  • Working
  • Watching Anime (select few) -  My Anime List
  • Reading the classics, trashy romance, manga, manhwa and crime novels
  • Catching up on the latest trendy shows from America and my home country
  • Watching and discovering new shows from around the world (Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Iceland and Turkey)
  • Playing with my 1 year old female cat, Luna.
  • Video games: Assassin's Creed Series , The Witcher, Heavy Rain, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, Batman: TELLTALES, Horizon Dawn, Final Fantasy Series.
  • Swimming
  • EATING!!  

Currently watching:

  1. Relaciones Peligrosas E99/110 (Mexican)
  2.  El internado: Laguna Negra S02E05 (Spanish)
  3. La trêve E07/10 (French)
  4. The Weissessen Saga S02E05 (German)
  5. American Gods E05/10 (American)
  6. The X-Files S04E20/24 (American) 
  7. Ask-i Memnu E53/79 (Turkish) - Waiting for more translations (currently being subbed)
  8. Cesur ve Guzel E28/32 (Turkish)
  9. Love Bird E25/72 (Turkish)
  10. Winter Sun E12/50 (Turkish) (on-hold)
  11. Atesbocegi E12/17 (Turkish)(on-hold)

Recently Completed:

1. Gunesin Kizlari (39 episodes) 8.5/10!


  1. Winter Sonata E12/20 (on-hold)


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