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Everything in 2017
40 0

Another Yearly Watched list

Webdramas/Mini Series
14 0

So short but so cute!

Favorite Actors
9 0

My all time favorite people

Supporting Actors need love too!
28 0

My favorite actors or actresses that usually play supporting roles

Korean Actresses
32 0

My absolute fave ladies <3

2nd Lead Syndrome
8 0

I'm sorry I just couldn't help it! D:

Go Catch That Bad Guy!
50 0

I have a bit of an obsession with crime shows. Not in the least bit sorry :D

Japanese Actors
28 0

My favorite Actors and Actresses to watch from Japan

Drama's based off of books
51 0

Exactly as the title states these are dramas or movies that I have completed that are based off of novels, webtoons or manga.

Why did I watch that?
16 0

Dramas and movies that I am still baffled that I completed.

Chinese Actors
7 0

My favorite

Thai Actors
7 0

My Favorite Leading Men <3

Thai Actresses
7 0

My favorite leading ladies

Korean Actors
59 0

My favorite male actors from South Korea

Taiwanese Actors
19 0

my favorite Taiwanese actors

Japanese Actresses
23 0

My fave ladies <3

Taiwanese Actress
10 0

My favorite Taiwanese actresses

Melodrama's I actually completed
11 0

People who know me on MDL know that I'm not a big melodrama watcher,I find it really hard to get past the well you know drama... but these few…

2nd Female Leads That I Couldn't Stand
16 0

The title pretty much says it all, this is a list of dramas with 2nd lead female characters or "love" interests that I either hated or found…

Favorite Movies
9 0

collection of my favorites

Unpopular or Underated Watches I Think You Should Try
33 0

title says it all. A list of dramas and movies that I feel should get more love.

Classic dramas that I have seen.
16 0

Classic-judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Or at least 10 years old.

Watched in 2016
61 0

Everything I've completed in 2016

46 0

Things completed in 2013

Watched 2014
24 0

Things I completed in 2014

Completed in 2015
46 0

movies and dramas I completed in 2015

Sad Days
11 0

On those days you just really need a reason for a good cry