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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chief Kim
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Mar 31, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
One of the best dramas of 2017. And I am not lying, not even a little bit.
If there is only one word that could describe this drama perfectly. That is 'Awesomazing'. From the A to the Z it is the most funny, dramatic and almost realistic drama I saw.
Not just in Korean but in English, Hindi or in Bangla this is by far the most funniest drama I had seen ever. Ever.

Don't believe me? Let me tell you why you should.

The cast is Perfect. I don't think anyone could had done those characters more justice then people who played them. Though I am not familiar with any of the cast members but I am glad that I still tried it. Because they were perfect.
Nam Gung Min is the funniest actor, I know. Than there is Lee Jun Ho with him. And it's just perfection on it's own.
There are lot's of other people too. And You are going to like each of them for their characters. You just have to.

The story is amazing. I'm not going to say anything about it, except that you will love every single second of it. You will love, scream and cry (for all the good reason). In the end you will just wish if there was more, more and more.
Funny & crazy lead. Smart women characters. An antagonist that you will love. A corruption story told with the right balance of comedy. And with a few lessons for life (Don't do corruption!).
There isn't a bucket load of romance in it. But there is this one couple that you will shipping from the first episode. *hint* hint* And if you are me, then there will be two or more.

The bromance...
You are probably hearing a lot about the Chief Kim & Director Seo's bromance. And none of the things you heard is a lie. If you thought Goblin & Grim Reaper's ( From "Goblin" ) bromance was epic. Than this one is just a step farther. It is funnier, cuter and seriously has that felling that just makes you go 'aww' at them. TQ's Psycho & Gluttonous Sociopath, they are just to CUTE to resist.
Every time they were together, there was Bang bang bang. Every line, every scene, every time their eyes meet...there was Bang.
This is the most romance I have ever seen in a bromance. And there are kisses. Yes, kiss but in plural!

The music. The songs are amazing. Beautiful and light goes perfectly with the story and the scenes. You will be humming them all the time.

Rewatch - 10/10. I am so going to re-watch this. Actually I'm already re-watching it.

So if you think 'Ah, it doesn't has romance in it. It probably isn't good.' Than I will like to tell you, "You are so wrong. It does has romance in it. Just not a bucket full of it. The story, cast, music, the bromance, comedy everything else makes up for it. When you reach the end of the first episode you won't even care about the romance anymore"
It's an amazing drama not to mention a hilarious one. One of the best of 2017.
I'm hoping for a 2nd season.

For all of you my advice is, "Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!"

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My Father is Strange
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Aug 28, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
If we talk about this drama the first thing that comes to mind that it is a family drama. So many people will judge it only by that. Plus it has 52 episodes...
What they will miss at first glance is this most amazing story told by this amazing group of actors.
It is beautifully written and produced. It gives really good fellings for the heart to experience.

The story is different. It isn't the typical family drama we see. It has a unique story line to it. And from the very first episode it has you hooked, lined and your done.
It's funny, it's relatable, it's super sweet and romantic (ah my heart). When I watched this I kept on thinking this is how families should be, siblings should be and relations. This drama shows how much the little things means when your with the people love.
It doesn't only resolved around the family but the people around it. We see this different age of people from the grandmom to Min Ha (high schooler) and couples, parents, siblongs, in-law's with their struggles and how they over comes it. It's a story that's written for everyone to enjoy. And the ending was so beautiful!

The actors are amazing. All of them deserves a round of applause. I love them all and they did such an amazing job with their respected roles.
But my special call goes to the amazing actress Lee Yoo Ri who was just playing right AWESOME. I love her! I love her! She was great. She is great.
I love others too (Lee Joon - God he is so cute!) they were all awesome and to the point with their acting. I can't even think those character's being played by others.

The music is so so sweet. Love them all!
Totally going to re-watch it. More then once. I have to because I miss them already!

It's an amazing drama. Don't let the "52 episodes and family drama" stop you. Because at the end of it you will wish it had 100 or more episodes. Because at this moment I do and I know you will too..
So please give this a try!

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Girls' Generation 1979
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19 days ago
Overall 9.5
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 9.0
I don't care what anyone else think but I really, really liked this drama. It's short,  full of emotions and fun to watch.

I really loved the story. I love this old-school themed stories, so it was for me.  It's based on 1979 time period and I love that time set in here. Plus the Deagu  dialect is really nice to hear, something different from Seoul dialect we are used to hear.
It has 'Reply series' vibe to it - probably heard that from a lot of people -  which is true (I started to watch the Reply series because of this drama).
It's a text book story of coming to age and  first love and crushes.  And it truly is about girl generation - but not that Girl Generation - we can see Jung Hee and Hee Joo who are in their teens,  her mother, Auntie, number 3 all this woman, in different age group of that time fighting their own problems and facing them.
And it is about girls in different generation coming together.
The boys are here, but they help to make the girls look more stronger, not the other way around.
Though it doesn't stop being just about the characters either. It shows - glimpse of it at least - how the people used to live that time, things that shaped our culture into something that we see now.  And you can see how much we have changed. And how much we haven't.

Plus you can ship anyone with anyone.  You can try the drama, just to see if your's makes to the end or not.  (Mine did!)

The actors are all new to me. But I liked Bona. She maked Lee Jung Hee more relatable to me.  Love Chae Seo Jin.
Have a crush of Lee Jong Hyun and Seo Young Joo.  
I don't know about others but I really liked Do Hee's performance as Shim Ae Sook. To see her character grow like that, it was really satisfying. I really liked that.

The OST's in it's self are nice. But it has some of the top 1970's song in it, both Korean and English. And it makes you feel that old time vibe. Love that.

Some of the moments in this drama are my favorite, so I'm going to re-watch those and probably the whole thing too. Cause why not?

It's a nice drama. It's short but the story end's perfectly with it's self.  In the end it gives 'complete' feeling. And I can imagine the rest of the story in my mind. It's a really cool drama. Do watch it!!

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Chicago Typewriter
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Jun 4, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
I am unconditionally biased toward this drama. This review proves that.

Every week I waited in front of my laptop, hoping the next episode to air a little earlier. Because I was in love with the story, the characters, the cast, the songs - oh the songs! - the cinematography and every thing that makes this drama so unique. So this will not be a fare review but something to do until my heart can cope with its farewell.

Lets start with the story.
Its amazing. It's a TvN drama, so I expected nothing less from the beginning. And the writer is Jin Soo Wan, author of 'Kill me heal me' thought I haven't tried that, but I have heard nothing but good things. I am going to watch that very soon - once I am over this one, off course.

When i first read the synopsis I thought it was cool. I like the idea of a drama about a writer and his fan and ghost writer. The whole supernatural thing didn't even came to my mind. Because I thought it will play a small part, or nothing - I was wrong.
I gave it a try. From the moment it started I knew it was going to be good. Because from the very first scene you are on the edge of your sit, mouth wide open and - if you were anything like me - in love.
The story is not only well written but thought out too. There are two stories happening in this drama. One in 1930 and the other in the 2017 which is our main line. And you want to know about both. Because everything that is happening with them - the character- now is part of what happen in 1930. That story that was never finished is tied with everything that is happening with them in the present. And so the tied with string of fate the story starts.
Everything the characters said, does, the little items - even the smallest of it - was for a reason. And I love this type of thought out stories. It makes me connect more. It makes me fall in love with it more.
The mystery in this drama is something that will wrap you around it. You can't get away. It's a true mystery because until the very end you don't know what happens or how. And that's how they holds you in front of your screen.
Its a writers/ readers drama. For people who likes to read, people who likes to write and people who just loves a good story. This drama is for them. Because there is references about many big writers and their works. 'Mystery' by Stephen King is one of them.
The romance and comedy will make your heart ache. And by the end of the first episode you won't be able to do anything but wait for the next.
It's very very well written and characters are well developed. And the whole production team did a hell of a job behind the camera to make it as great as possible.
The cinematography is beautiful. Specially Han Se Ju's house. Books are every where. I wanted to live there!

The cast was fabulous.
Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo were perfect for the characters. They not only acted but they brought out the little thing that made those characters more...real. Because they felt real to me and I felt their pain.
Yoo Ah In is as good as his hair style in this drama. I think I have a crush on his 1930 laid back writer self. Who loved to party with his friends. And then the present version where he is even more cuter.

I want to thank that person who came up with his hair styles. Because of him/her we have the hottest hairstyle of 2017 in front of us. Thank You!

Im Soo Jung plays Jeon Seol, the fan who gets her wish to come true. She is the obsessive fangirl that we all are in the inside. And to see her dream come to true - as a fan - made me root for her. Its one fan to another. Her 1930 character is what made me drawn to her even more.

And then we have Go Kyung Pyo. Everything I say about him or his character will be considered less. His acting was phenomenal. Its the little things that he did made me love him even more. And those adorable moments with him and the dog. CUTE.

And applause for Kwak Shi Yang. Because he fooled us all. That is a hard thing to do, with that face.

The songs...oh the songs.
Every single song in this drama is beautiful. They are not only songs but stories told in the lyrics that makes your heart hurt. And every scene is perfected with that well timed OST playing in the background. They bring out the emotions that are shown in screen. You can't get over the songs.

In the end if i had to describe this show in one word, it will be unique. Different, beautiful and unique.

At first sight you might not fall in love like I did. But I will tell you to give this a try. I promise you that its a not a time wasted. Because the next thing you will know, its top in your favorite list. Like mine. So watch it!

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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Apr 15, 2017
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.5
A short review of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

A very cute, funny, romantic and really well put together drama. The story was fluffy and dark at the same time. I really liked it. It's fun to watch. There were really funny characters. Funny scenes. And a beautiful ending.
Let's not forget about the chemistry between the two leads were fire hot... *the kiss in ep 15*

I started this drama because of Park Hyung Sik. For me he stole the spot light in 'Hwarang' and when i found out that he was the lead here. I had to watch it. And I'm glad that I did. Because he was absolutely amazing. He was cute, cocky and so so sweet. But in episode 14 he just became 100 times better. He did all the right thing with his lines, his delivery and with his expressions. I loved him in here. I love him everywhere. Just look at the guy's smile!

Same goes for Park Bo Young. This is was the first time I saw her. And I loved her. She is cute and on the money with her acting. She made this character look effortless. Her acting in ep 14 was wow.
And the new guy Jang Mi Kwan! Loved that physo killer.

The music was beautiful.

It's a beautiful drama. And you will love it. It's really funny. And really sweet but not over the top. It has a weird balance to it. That will make you love it. If you are into RomCom then this is your drama. And Park Hyung Sik looks awesome in here!

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May 22, 2017
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
This is going to be short (here's to hoping).

I didn't had much expectation going in. Because I didn't thought the story will be this much addicting as it was. I waited until it had enough episodes out, before starting to watch it. And thank god that I did. Because I watched those 12 episodes in one day at a stanch. I just couldn't stop. Can't stop.
Waiting for the last four episode was a misery.
I like all the episodes. The story goes a little slow at first but the second half is somewhat mind-blowing. And then the ending. Some will say, that the end wasn't nice. They didn't liked it. But I personally think that it was perfect. I loved it.One of my favorite ending, ever.
Some time the sad-slow ends are what we need.

The story has some holes in it. It is a time traveling story and this type of stories always has some thing like this. So that was not unexpected. And because of the amount of Time-traveling drama is around right now, not many people will feel good about it. And then there is 'Signal' and I am sure a lot of people are comparing this with that one.
Don't do that. They are not same.
The story in it's self is different. Every thing was resolving around a case that starts 30 years ago. One giant mysterious case. And it's our cop's job to solve it.
But the little one around it is what I loved about it. They just didn't show you the murders but what it does to the people around that victim. They are suffering, their pain. And I loved how they honored them in the end.
Because it's always about saving life not the thrill in catching the culprit.

I love all the people in the cast. They are all new to me. But I didn't mind. They drew me in. I liked how they portrayed their characters. Specially Lee Yoo Young. Her character was smart, cold, controlling and no where near the 'sweet-innocent-damsel in distress' type and I loved that about her character. And she pulled it off with an ease.
Choi Jin Hyuk ( welcome back!! ) and Yoo Hyun Min were amazing in their roles. The little bickering and bromance (Though it should be called something else. 60 year old and 27 year old man romance'?) between them just lightened the dark-gloomy scenes a little.
Though most will complain that Choi Jin Hyunk's character had some 'issues' in the last episodes. I just want to state that no one is perfect. So isn't a character. Their flaw is what makes them different form another and special. For Kwand Ho it was calling bad guys 'Jerk'. His a 1980's cop. Cut him some slack will ya'?
Kim Min Sang. I have only one thing to say about his character and about him. This is how a ** should be like.

I am going to re-watch this because I love the love story in this drama. Yes there is one. And I am not talking about Yoo Hyun Min and Lee Yoo Young's characters.
But about Park Kwang Ho and Yeon Seok. Their longing, their pain, their love for each other is one of the best thing about this drama. That sweet little love story twirled in to the bigger story, some how complemented the whole thing. It was the motivation that both of this characters needed. And I love those type of stories.

For those who are thinking if they should watch it or not. I would like to tell you to give this a try. Trust me, you are going to thank me later.
So watch it!

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Save Me
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29 days ago
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 9.0
Was in a drama slump when this drama  saved me. Pun intended.
But it's true. I was in a really bad drama slum when Save me came as a beacon of light and took me in this dark, twisted path. And I loved every second of it. This type of drama are very rare in the world of K-drama. So when I found this unique drama, with good story and amazing actors I can't stop but praise the about it.
The story is definitely different.  Religious cult are real and they are active not only in Asian countries but all over the world. And they are scary.  This drama tells this tale of a person who is trying to get out of there. And it's dark and twisted and it has you questioning about sanity of people but it also makes you connect with the characters and their pain. Head's of to the writers.
 It's very well written and something up my ally.
The actors were amazing. Got nothing but good things to say about them. Seo Ye Ji was amazing. Her posture, her voice (I really like her voice, deep and rich), the way she shows her emotions. She is so good. And then there is Woo Do Hwan, rookie of the year, playing Dong Cheol. For me he stole the spot light. I absolutely adored his character and him. He just makes you cheer for him. Can't wait to see him in 'Mad dog'.
Others were great too but I couldn't see them because I was only watching Do Hwan.
Its doesn't has the typical love song in it. But the songs it does has are only, only this drama alone. They are spooky and dark and when you hear them its like you are listening to a horror track. And It scares me. Jung Cha sik's song....creepy! But I loved 'The Vane - hallucination'
I am going to re-watch it. I can't get over Woo Do Hwan. It's not for everyone. But if you like good but dark stories with talented actors and a horror soundtrack then this is definitely for you. But please do try it. Watch it!
Bismika! Teljioda!!

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Sep 17, 2017
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Namely I started watching this drama because of Nam Goong Min and he - like always - didn't disappoint.
In the first few episode it might seem like a political drama,  where its all about power. But as the story progress you see this different layers in the characters and the next thing you know you are rooting for them. There are some part that are very emotional,  some light comedy and some sweet moments between the two leads characters.
It starts a little slow but it picks up after a few episodes.
 The acting was amazing. Nam Goong Min was awesome. Uhm Ji Won, I really liked her.
Suran's song was Perfect. Love that song.
And lastly...Do try it and judge it for yourself.

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Jan 30, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
Goblin was the first K-drama I ever watched. And I think it is the best drama so far, hands down. If you haven't watched it, you probably should...like now!
For you question why you should watch it? Here are my reasons :

If we talk about casting- though I'm new to this, I do Google a lot- I don't think their couldn't be any better then this.
Gong Yoo did an amazing job. I watched his movie 'Train to Busan' and one could say it hands down that he is an amazing actor, who knows how to do his job. And God his smile....Killer!!!
I loved the 19 year old, over enthusiastic Ji Eun Tak who was portrayed by Kim Go Eun. The way we get to see how her character grew throughout the series was a treat.
I love Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper. I probably have a crush on the character and the way Lee Dong Wook showed his emotions in it, was amazing. I totally get it why he wanted this character so much.
Sunny was my favorite. She was strong and I'm probably never going to see a chicken shop owner the same way. Yoo In Na, changed that for all of us.
Duk-Hwa played by Yook Sung Jae was so cute and such an 'rich heir'

The story line was perfect in it's own. The fact that it was a fantasy drama, it lives up the name with romance, comedy and mystery.
'The lady in red', 'The king', 'How Duk-Hwa knew stuffs' there are questions that will make sure you stick by the TV screen.

And then there is the 'Bromance' The fling between Goblin & Grim Reaper will make you love them so hard. They are funny and cheesy and you are going to love every second of it. The scene where they walk together from the tunnel and the music going on the background, I laughed so hard.
Goblin and his bride - Eun Tak is second in the cute couple. They're cuteness will make you cheeks hurt.
The story between Sunny and Grim Reaper is a little sad compared to the other. But the beginning was full of fluff and sweet stuffs.

Each and every song in this drama is perfect with the story. They will stuck in your head for days and you will be forced to play them over and over again. I'm doing this my self - while re-watching the show for the second time. Especially loved 'Winter is coming' it is just a wonderful piece to listen too.

In short..
The songs were perfect. The cast was perfect. The story was incredible. And everything about it ...will make you fall in love with it.
So if you are one of those people out there, who haven't seen it yet, I would like to tell you....WATCH IT.

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Feb 20, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
I started this drama because it had Gong Yoo (we meet in 'Goblin') & Gong Hyo Jin ( meet by 'Master's Sun'), my two favorite actors. So I was sure that this won't let me down.
And it didn't. Here are the reasons why I loved it.

The cast.
Gong Yoo. I don't think I need to say anything else about him. He is the most perfect actor I have ever seen. I thought he was amazing in 'Goblin' because as you grow your skills developed. But this show which is from 2005 almost 12 years before 'Goblin' and even then he knew how to play with emotions and expressions like no one else. Because the faces he makes, are merciless. Park Tae In was crazy and playful and you just watch him grow. He was perfect. I love Park Tae In.
He is my favorite character ever. I just loved the craziness in it, in him. He is awesome. I love Park Tae In.

Gong Hyo Jin playing the older teacher Na Bo Ri. I didn't liked her character. Because she just made Tae In cry so much. But Hyo Jin did a really good job.

Kim Da Hyun, Choi Yeo Jin, Kang Do Han, Jo Hyung Ki and many more who's name I don't know, were all amazing in their respective characters.

The story.
God I loved it. The beginning was so, so funny and hilarious. And then it started to get a little serious. Some will say that the story drags in the middle but I disagree. It doesn't. Instead it moves in a pace that was necessary for the characters to develop.
The side-stories was only for Tae In and Na Bo Ri to realized what they were to themselves. Sometime they were a shoulder to cry on, sometime a friend to talk to, a mentor, a loves. ^_^

And then the ending. It was hands down the best ending I had seen. I usually don't like how my favorite shows ends. Because well, it's ending and I always has something else in mind. But this one was just perfect. Sweet and perfect.

The music.
I love them. Played 'Only you' a hundred time by now. Only problem is that I can't find the rest of them.

Will I rewatch it again? Yes, I'll!

In short.
If you want to see thousand and one expressions by Gong Yoo's, and want to laugh, cry, learn some lessons about life and friends? Or just want to watch Gong Yoo as an crazy teen.

Than watch this drama without any other thought.

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Train to Busan
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Feb 6, 2017
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.0
One of the best zombie movies i have ever seen! Everything about will make you love it.

It's scary. The zombies are the most bizarre looking things. They are running around, bitting others heads off. And then the noises. Wow! Is so good. You will enjoy it. I mean even Goblin screamed shit when he watched it (That was a Goblin reference).
The story is amazing. The dialogues are beautiful. The cast was perfect. And Gong Yoo was pretty amazing in it. Love him.

It is a really good watch in a rainy night with the lights turned off.
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The Master's Sun
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Feb 2, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
I started watching 'The Master's Sun' after Goblin (which was my first k-drama), so I didn't had much expectations. Because it would be hard to meet the bar that Goblin has set.
So when I started watching the drama, it kind of took me by storm. And what an amazingly mind blowing storm it was, one that I would love to get lost again.
Why? here are my reasons :

The cast...wow! That probably say all.
So Ji-sub who played Joo Joong Won or President Joo was amazing. Throughout this whole drama we can see this unchangeable person change for this crazy girl, he meet. This cold person warming up to his sun. And his expressions were perfect. Every time So Ji-sub said "Get lost" I would literally scream. Lol but true.
Tae Gong Shil is my favorite Ghostbuster. Gong Hyo-jin was really cool considerate how difficult her character was. And then the personality changes, those were awesome. Loved that.
I have never felt this bad for the 2nd lead male in my life as much as I felt bad for Kang Woo. but Seo In-guk made me root for his character. The fact that Kang Woo's character didn't got over shadowed by President Joo's says how good of a actor Seo In-guk is.
Tae Ri Ryung, she was a pain in the ass wasn't she. I first thought that she was the evil one. Which she was but not that kind. And I liked the silent chemistry between Kim Yoo-ri and Seo In-guk. I thought there story was another version of President Joo and Tae's. Or maybe that was just me?
The others were also amazing. Secretary Kim was my favorite.

I chose this drama because it had the word 'ghost' in it. So when I started watching episode 1 I realized it wasn't what I thought it was but what I needed. A breath of fresh air. The story was different something I haven't seen. And I like how it made me kind of obsessed over it. The writers did a really good job. I almost cried in episode 12. Which is something that has never happened - except for watching Titanic, but everyone cries over it. I'm probably going to look for more of Hong sisters work now. The story was funny and full of sweetness.
I loved the side stories and how they helped to evolved the characters. My favorite was episode 6 which was about the bond between a dog and his owner. Since I'm a dog lover myself, I loved that one more then others. Another one was episode 5. That ghost story was really sweet. someone should use it as a base for another drama. It would be called, "Beyond death" or something like that.

The ending theme song - rock guitar version of 'who are you' - is now my ring tone. The others are in my 'all time favorite play list' specially 'Crazy for you' and 'Day & night'.....LOVE them.

In short...
Awesome drama. Amazing cast. Wonderful songs. Everything and everything in it will make laugh and love. Cause who doesn't love a happy ending that's as sweet as So Ji Sub's smile?
So, one just has to watch it. Has to watch it.

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Feb 26, 2017
Overall 8.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Hwarang was my door to the world of K-drama. For that it gets the additional point on my rating.
It's good drama. It's fun to watch. If you don't compare it with Goblin-which was also airing that time- you will find it's a really good watch.

Why you should try this? Here are my reasons.

The cast got most of the attention, when it came to Hwarang. It was star studded drama. And for that reason people were expecting, I don't know something really great from this.
I think they were good. If we talk about the their roles, they were good.

Park Hyung Shik nailed his character. Even thought I felt his character was a little weak written than Sun-Woo's but this man made it better. He acted like he was the lead and that was the reason why he shined, even though he was the second lead character. His acting, his expressions, his posture everything he did made his character stronger. And It takes great skill to do that. To make a weak character look stronge.
Go Ah Ra I absolutely loved her character Ah Ro. She was charming, clever, sometime a little scary. I loved her. Though sometime she wasn't necessary needed. She just got dragged along the storyline.
Park Seo Joon character was well written. Because of being the lead, it got more attention from the writer.
Do Ji Han cast as Ban Ryu Rang. Oh my god the last scene! That was brilliant!!
Choi Min Ho playing Soo Ho Rang. Jo Yoon Woo as dashing Yeo Wool Rang. And Kim Tae Hyung as Han Sung Rang all were pretty good. And pretty and cute. ^_^
And many more who were part of this.

The story line was slightly cliched. In the ending few episodes the story really took off. So if the makers didn't pushed the first episodes it would had been a well balanced story.
I don't like when a character suddenly goes missing. Same happen here. Not good.
I was more interested in the 2nd couple, Ban Ryn and Soo Yeon than the lead couple. From the beginning their story was more fun and happening then the others. I love the last scene between them. A gold star just for that!

The bromance between Park-Park was really something to watch. Specially in the ending scene. Not going to spoil but that was/ is going to be the reason why they are going to be ship together even more now.
But I love the bromance between Soo-Ho and Ban-Ryu. They were so so funny. The perfect love and hate relationship that we all love.

I like the songs. They were catchy. 'Our Tears' by Hyolyn that is a beautiful song. Even the male version which was by Park Seo Joon was kind of cool.

I'm probably not going to rewatch it any time soon. But maybe one day?

So in short watch this because you will love the beautiful faces in front of you. And a little bit of craziness that's in there.

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Heirs From Another Star
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Sep 11, 2017
Overall 5.0
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 2.5
Don't believe the poster, it's nothing like it.
It is however ...different.
Even though it was made as an parody the story line has nothing to do with it - except the time traveling and the leads being rich.
It starts off really well and I thought it will something different then what it originally became. After episode 2 the story just went haywire.
I kept watching because I actually wanted to know what the hell will they do at the end. And it was funny.

The acting wasn't bad, per se but it wan't good either. It was some where in between 'what the hell' and 'okay?'
Zon Yang looked really pretty.

The only thing that I actually enjoyed in this drama is the opening song. It was amazing. It was sung by the male lead Wen Zhang. This song was the reason why I continued to watch it.

It was a funny thing to enjoy if you are looking for something different and out of the ordinary. Just don't expect much of it.

PS : A lot of people were asking where they can watch this. So I watched this (in English of course) in ViKi.Com - it's a website. You guys can find it there.

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Secret Garden
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Apr 21, 2017
Overall 10
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 9.5
There's no doubt that this is one of the best K-dramas around. And there are many reviews that will say the same. But this review is my thought about it. And nothing more.

I loved the cast. They were great. Each and every one of them played their characters as perfect and real as they could. Hyung Bin & Ha ji won both are one of the most talented actors around. And they played there roles perfectly.
Specially in the body switching parts. Hyung Bin just stole the spot light for me at that moment. He was so funny. Specially his expressions. They were gold.

This is the only drama, I've so far with the most amazing OST. Each and every song had a reason. They were somehow part of the story. And they were so beautiful, that you just have to love it.

I loved the story. Well some of it. The only thing I didn't like was the switching. It wasn't necessary. It would had been an amazing drama even without. The switching - which most people were expecting, and it was funny - had little to none with story. In my eyes, it didn't do anything with the characters development.
Even saying that I loved the scenes. The actors were the reason.
And then the ending.

Overall it was an amazing drama. A great watch. It's full of fun stuff and moments. That's the reason it gets an overall 10 in my review and a place in my favorite drama list.

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