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Mt. Procrastination


Mt. Procrastination

Free counters!         Hey! I'm Ara. Nice to meet you ;)

I can't space my dramas out, I binge, I'm a lost cause. 

Countries I watch: Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand... sometimes a bit of Japanese, if the drama strikes.

Genres I watch: Crime, Romance, Historical, pretty much anything... but not normally horror (until I watched Sweet Home, for some reason that was refreshing... any recs?)

I'm kinda shy, so I normally keep a low profile, but please talk to me... I promise I am friendly haha.

Also ftr I hate conflict , I will duck out the second I smell smoke. Unless it was racist, homophobic etc. and no-one else has stepped up- please be respectful to  fellow human beings   :((

*Please feel free to message and/or  check out my lists for recs :)        


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