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not all who wander are lost


not all who wander are lost

                                                       Drama World Welcome's You!

~Moomoo/Starlight /A+ /KissMe/Pink Panda/InSomnaHerose/Tinkerbell/Monbebe/Alice/Hottest/Vampz~ 

My daily obsessions, random gifs/fandoms and ratings. My fandom is listed above. ^^ I'm addicted to watching dramas/ movies. A good book or drama is what I hunt for! It was in 2009/2010 when I came to dramas, it started off when I started to watch anime for a bit. I found out that some of them were made into live-action dramas and that peaked my curiosity. The first drama that I watched was TW's It Started with a Kiss soon after I was on the hunt for more but I nothing really drew me enough. It was until I found Kdrama's, that downward spiral all happened because of You're Beautifuland I haven't stopped watching all sorts of dramas. Though I do have to say You're Beautiful is not my favorite drama, but it was the stepping block. 

Don't be shy to talk or befriended me. I'm open to discussing dramas or Kpop. (which I also fell into the same year as dramas.) 


Drama I recommend this month:  

Her Private Life

I  can't help but fall in love with this drama, its everything I've wanted from Kim Jaewook in a RomCom since Coffee Prince days. I've been waiting years but it's so worth it. He's an amazing actor no matter what role. But enough about him (never), all in all, the show is cute and fun. Though the show is not over, I can't help myself but love the characters and their relationships with each other. And I love how the drama handles certain topics and it knows when to be funny or heartfelt. If you're in the mood for something cute, fun and rooting for the main leads, Her Private Life is it. 

Plus, KIM JAEWOOK. (this drama has gotten me out of my funk too.) 



Near and Dear to My Heart: Age of Youth & Age of Youth 2               


 tumblr_obisges3E01sa91sxo8_400.gif  There are not enough words
for me to express how deeply my
love is for this drama.
  These lovely ladies shall forever be a part of

 This two are so near and dear to my
heart. I can never get enough of
them. I just love them. ^^



The 2nd season gave all the Jiwon and SongSong couple feels!

 When you go through withdrawals and need a 3rd season.



(damn pineapple)



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