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Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm brazilian (please, excuse my english). I've been watching dramas since 2005 (I think), so it's been a looong time. I started watching Japanese Dramas because I've always been a fan of anime/manga, so when I found a community on livejournal that uploaded live actions, I got hooked. From there I went on to kdramas and for years they've been my favorite kind of asian drama. Lately, though, I've discovered my love for Chinese Dramas too. 

I think I'm quite picky about dramas nowadays and only finish those I truly enjoy. I mostly watch fantasy/romantic drama because that's what I like (I tend to read those books too). I also like coming-of-age stories (high school japanese dramas). 

I'm not very eloquent in my reviews, maybe it has to do with my grasp of the english language, but hopefully it will improve as I go along. 

If I've friended you it's possibly because I've seen your reviews around this site and think we share the same opinion about dramas, characters, plots, think your reviews are well written, etc... so hopefully you'll friend me back. I've been looking for people who are into dramas like me, so if you've seen me around and want to friend me, you're welcome to do that! :)


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